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By Eva Fydrych's Media Launch party

Co-founder of Angeline Cham (R) with a friend (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Singapore - Last month Fashion Studio Magazine attended's launch party at the stylish Hummerstons Restaurant located in Robertson Walk. The guests were treated to an exclusive live demonstration of the ShopSale and Auction sites and had an opportunity to meet all three founders of this young dynamic company.

The event was a lot fun as the hosts provided various attractions throughout the evening to keep everyone entertained. There were quizzes, photo contests, delicious food, wine, and champagne. The atmosphere was great and everyone seemed to really enjoyed themselves. We managed to spot some trendy people attending the party as you can see in the pictures below.

 All photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

 All photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Blogger & photographer Cher and Eva Fydrych (Green dress by a Filipino designer)

Angeline Cham and Eva Fydrych. Showing off the Natural Makeup trend ;)

ABOUT SOLD.SG, Singapore’s premier online shopping destination, launched the Shop & Sale sites this September, adding two new e-commerce channels to their popular pay-tobid auction model.

These two channels offer consumers more choices, appealing to all types of shoppers. Consumers can choose either the strategic, competitive and thrill-seeking shopping experience by bidding for products on Auctions, or elect to buy an item outright, “busy shopaholic-style,” from Shop or Sale.

The products team will continue to carefully curate all products in the lifestyle and gadgets realm, to ensure items are of the highest quality or are the best in their category. Consumers can also expect to see items that they may not find in other online stores.

Selected products available at website

"One of the things that sets apart from all the other online shops is the idea of Soldger curation, meaning every product you see on the site was hand-chosen because of its craftsmanship, unique provenance, amazing aesthetics and unfailing qualities." says co-founder and the products team lead Angeline Tham.

The site has also undergone a complete redesign, with a sophisticated new user interface. From the main page, consumers can view the Shop, Sale and Auction pages. They can find out which Auctions are ending soon, which products are selling quickly, and what’s on sale. new office (blue room)

“The Shop and Sale sites will offer our customers immediate gratification,” says cofounder Tian Qiuyan. “If they see something they like, they can make an instant purchase and have their purchase delivered right to their doorstep. On the other hand, not forgetting the shoppers who thrive on the strategic side of Auctions, they can still shop via this channel where more exciting features will be added in the near future. The new will bring more choice to our users and allow them to experience entertainment shopping at its best."

All photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine



Angeline Tham
Angeline obtained her Bachelors of Business Administration from Stern Business School at New York University in 2005. Prior to starting up Soldgers, she worked at J.P. Morgan in Singapore for four and a half years. Angeline is also an avid gamer and tech enthusiast who once threw caution to the wind when she participated in the World Cyber Games.

Tian Qiuyan
Qiuyan graduated from the University of Toronto in 2006 where she majored in Actuarial Science and Economics. She then spent the next three and a half years in the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs in Singapore amassing valuable work experience. Co-founder and brother Chiou Hao then convinced her that her natural talent for marketing and numbers could be put to good use in a start-up business, which eventually led to the founding of Soldgers.

Chan Chiou Hao
Chiou Hao is an internet veteran with over 14 years of experience in the industry. A seasoned entrepreneur, he started his first venture capitalist funded internet consultancy firm, IntraComm, in 1997 and grew it to over 120 employees with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. Prior to starting Soldgers, he held the position of Account Executive at’s Asia office, where he spent 4 years spearheading the firm’s expansion into China and Taiwan. He holds a BBA from NUS and an MBA from the University of Southern California.


Fashion Studio Favourite:

Monster® Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones

The ultimate in fashion meets the ultimate in sound.

The Diamond Tears high-definition headphone was created much like an object of high fashion. Designed with unfettered imagination and only the finest materials. When you're hearing Diamond Tears you're hearing your music the way you've never heard before: through proprietary driver technology and the cut-no-corners materials required for high-performance audio. It was the only way to deliver the ultra-accurate response that Diamond Tears promises.

*Special thank you to and for inviting Fashion Studio Magazine to the Media Launch party.

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