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By Eva Fydrych

Table Mountain (Photo by Eva Fydrych/Fashion Studio Magazine)

South Africa is one of the most diverse and captivating countries in the world. A couple of years ago I had a chance to spend three fabulous weeks travelling around the country and getting to know its vibrant and cosmopolitan cities.

Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa and Africa's most popular tourist destination. It is a city of contrasts, where old colonial buildings stand side by side with architecture from the 1960s and contemporary designs. It is easy to get around on foot as most of the major attractions are concentrated within the walking distance.

"Cape Town is the quintessential melting pot: it is a city alive with creativity, colour, sounds and tastes. While walking through the city’s streets and meeting its people, you will fall in love with its natural beauty, creative freedom and incredible spirit. Cape Town is a city where the unexpected is always just around the corner." (Source: Cape Town's tourism website)

Murano Bar at African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel (Photo courtesy of the hotel)

Long Street is lined with fashionable shops, street caf├ęs, dance clubs, and some of the best wine bars in the city. The area is constantly buzzing with activities and it's one of Cape Town’s best spots for browsing during the day or for a big night out with friends. Try Mama Africa for tasty food and live music performed nightly by young local musicians.

Cape Town boasts many upmarket malls and shopping centres where shoppers are truly spoilt for choice. Adderley Street is not only the city's most historic main road, but also one of the busiest shopping areasThe Adderley Street Flower Market adds a splash of colour to the historical city centre. For the last 100 years, the flower market has sold an inexpensive selection of fresh blossoms to the people of Cape Town and has become a must-see attraction for visitors to the city.

A nearby St Georges Mallwith a combination of street stalls, traders, art galleries and African souvenir shops, is an interesting shopping destination. Once a busy city street, it is now a comfortable pedestrian area with a wide range of live entertainment, stylish restaurants and coffee shops.

Pumps by Maya Prass (Photo courtesy of M.Prass)

Maya Prass is a young label offering bright colourful clothing and accessories. Their pumps are hand made locally and are available in a wide selection of prints and colours. Each shoe is made with a tan resin sole, low heel, and functional ties. They are 100% cotton, comfortable, and what's really important, animal friendly. Maya Prass designs are available at upmarket retailers across the city.

Vanya and Thando Mangaliso started the Sun Goddess in 2001 by selling skirts out of the boot of their car. Since then, the husband and wife design duo has built an empire that includes womenswear, menswear, children’s wear, bridal wear, swimwear and accessories strictly focused on celebrating African heritage. Although the inspiration for their designs comes from the traditional African culture, the innovative design combinations with modern fabrics and embellishments make them fun and contemporary. Today Sun Goddess is one of South Africa's most sought after fashion labels.

Sun Goddess SS 2009 (Photos courtesy of Simon Deiner)

“Fashion success is largely measured by international standards and for the most part those international standards are largely considered European or American. At Sun Goddess we shrug that off, we realize that we are creating something totally new. We’re creating African success which has existed for centuries. We’re inspired primarily by African - ancient African stories, ancient African costumes, ancient African culture. We are trying to preserve or rejuvenate clothes as people used to wear them it in prehistoric times, that’s our main source of inspiration… We make African clothing for African people, preserving and celebrating African heritage. That’s the first foundation and Sun Goddess doesn’t move away from that. When you are secure in your identity and you are secure in where you come from people are attracted to that.” - Thando Mangaliso, Fashion Designer.

Victoria & Albert Waterfront  (All photos by Eva Fydrych)

Victoria & Albert Waterfront 

Victoria & Albert Waterfront

The Green Dolphin - famous jazz club at V&A Waterfront (closed down in 2011)

Eddie Zoom retro furniture at Lower Kloof Street

Long Street

Live music at Mama Africa restaurant

Mural at Mama Africa restaurant

Street vendors

Bo-Kaap - old Islamic quarter




Artwork courtesy of College of Art 

Artwork courtesy of College of Art

Artwork courtesy of College of Art


Cable Car

View from the Table Mountain (All photos by Eva Fydrych)

Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Victoria & Albert Waterfront 

Souvenir shop at V&A Waterfront 

The Clock Tower at V&A Waterfront 

Bo-Kaap - historical Islamic quarter


 Local graffiti

Artworks by students of College of Art

Artwork courtesy of College of Art (All photos by Eva Fydrych)


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