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By Eva Fydrych


Official movie poster

SINGAPORE - "Imperfect", the latest movie by a Hong Kong director Steve Cheng, had an official premiere in Singapore on Monday, 27 August 2012. The Red Carpet gala took place at Golden Village VivoCity and attracted a lot of fans who arrived fully prepared with cameras, banners, and posters of their favourite actors.

The cast of "Imperfect" includes Hong Kong award-winning veteran actor Liu Kai Chi; well known Taiwanese actors: Patrick Li and Chiang Tsu-ping; Singapore’s homegrown MediaCorp actors: Li Nanxing, Edwin Goh and Ian Fang; up and coming local actors: Kimberly Chia, Phua Yu Da and Elizabeth Lee.

Before the movie began at 9pm. all actors appeared on stage where they were answering questions, talking about their roles, and posing for cameras. Kimberly Chia and Elizabeth Lee wore really pretty bright dresses in two different shades of pink, trendy high heels, simple hair styles, and almost no jewellery, proving that sometimes "less is more".

Elizabeth Lee (L) and Kimberly Chia (R); Kimberly is wearing a dress by a local designer Keith Png 
(Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

"Imperfect" tells a story about two teenage friends (Edwin Goh and Ian Fang) who in search for their place in life get caught between two rival gangs (triads). They become fugitives overnight and are sent down the road of no return.

The whole movie was filmed in Singapore and it features some of the city's well-known landmarks: Orchard Road, Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Bugis Village, and Scape Youth Park in Somerset, to name just a few. Director Steve Cheng commented, "Singapore is rather peaceful, so there are fewer acts of violence here as compared to in Hong Kong. Still, we hope this film can educate the audiences about various problems related to youths."

Strong acting and good cinematography make it an entertaining drama that is definitely worth a trip to the cinema. The action is fast-paced and the fighting scenes are really well choreographed. Excellent performance by the young talent Edwin Goh, who plays the main character Jianhao, will definitely keep you interested from start to finish.

Scene from the movie; Ian Fang (L) and Edwin Goh (R)

Scene from the movie; Li Nanxing (L) and Edwin Goh (R)

"Imperfect" is not only a good entertainment, but it also carries an important message about the life choices and the consequences of our actions. It shows how easy it is to lose the right path and to make mistakes that will follow you your whole life and, in the end, will affect everyone around you. As the old saying goes: "Our choices define who we are."

Patrick Li (L) and Chiang Tsu-ping (R); Photo by Eva Fydrych

Li Nanxing (C) and Liu Kai Chi (R); Photo by Eva Fydrych

Elizabeth Lee and Kimberly Chia (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

"Imperfect" opens in Singapore 30 August 2012

* Special thank you to for inviting Fashion Studio Magazine for the "Imperfect" Red Carpet event.

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