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By Eva Fydrych

20 By Two - Fashion Beyond Borders
6 - 8 September 2012

Photo courtesy of Your Singapore

Inaugural fashion exchange between Singapore and Malaysia

Fashionistas will love this cross-cultural collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia. Chosen by Asian fashion portals, FashionSpace and Tongue in Chic, see 20 labels from both countries displayed as works of art at Red Dot Design Museum. Be among the first to view and purchase the Fall/Winter 2012 collections from these budding designers.

Be among the first in Asia to witness the inaugural cross-cultural fashion exchange between Singapore and Malaysia. Handpicked by Asian fashion portals, FashionSpace and Tongue in Chic, you will see the finest Fall/Winter 2012 collections from 20 most current designers - 10 from each country - on display as works of art. 

The theme of this exhibit is bricolage - a postmodern assemblage of signs and symbols - and the presentation of the clothes in unexpected spaces is inspired by the transient qualities of fashion. The Singapore line-up includes Lauren Jasmine, By Invite Only and AL&ALICIA while Malaysian representatives feature renowned names such as Alia Bastamam, Chic Yamada and Joe Chia. Due to overwhelming response, the line-up has been extended to include budding Singaporean designers 20twothree, Angelia, Kae Hana and Revasseur. 

Expect a groundbreaking blend of fashion, art and technology as you mingle with the hip crowd at this hotly anticipated event. You can also purchase your favourite pieces home with the event’s worldwide shipping services.
Source: Your Singapore

Official website: 20 BY TWO

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2012

Photo courtesy of Chinatown Festivals

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also called the Mooncake or Lantern Festival, is a traditional harvest festival that is celebrated annually by the Chinese. This year, the festival takes place from 16 September to 14 October.

The Chinese celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the eighth Chinese lunar month (3 October this year), when the moon is at its fullest. Join in a mass lantern walk along the streets of Chinatown, which will be dressed up with fairy lights. Get mooncakes and other treats at the bazaars and catch night-time performances during the season.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in Chinatown with festive street light-ups and bazaar stalls selling mooncakes, pomelos, tea and an assortment of festive goodies.

In Chinese tradition, the roundness of the moon symbolises unending family unity. Other than putting up lanterns, Chinese families gather for hot brewed tea and sample sweets like mooncakes and pomelos. This event - among the most widely marked of Chinese festivals - is a truly authentic experience that’s not to be missed. So come soak up the atmosphere.
Source: Your Singapore

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