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By Dana Cristina Malaescu

Back To Black!
Trend Report Autumn Winter 2012/2013

Street style (Photos courtesy of Vanessa Jackman, hbz,

Resonating with the late talented Amy Winehouse's successful dramatic single, one of this fall's biggest trends is a Back to Black journey into what has always been a woman's safety net, fashion wise. Wearing black. It's an understated elegance and a style that has never faded with time.

Inspired by the austere times perhaps (with the never-ending financial crisis), or maybe a mere return to the simple elegance – most designers have chosen to look back at the basics with their 2012/2013 Autumn Winter collections. Black outfits have graced the runways at Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg shows. Whether a mix of retro and modern or a more hippie, Asian take, designers urge us to go back to black this season. Unlike the '90's, when this trend was reigning the streets as the ultimate reinvented punk rock fashion, this fall and winter we turn to a bit more feminine sophisticated designs and textures. Lace, brocade, tweeds with heavy embellishments and beads, or extravagant unconventional fabrics like foil take the lead. And if the color is dark and sober, the shapes are strict and architectural.

Gucci Autumn/Winter 2012 (Photo courtesy of Vogue)

Oversize and fitted rule both and celebrate all looks, from the boy'ish androgynous girl to the uber sensual and voluptuous Dolce & Gabanna's Sicilian widows in black who ooze sexual drama and style through black veils and dramatic lace. In stockings that cover up flesh and outfits that leave no skin to the eyes – they are nonetheless more intriguing and luscious. This season is just that – a time of cold and gloomy atmosphere. But all is reinvented. A lady who wears black may look classic. But if she adds heavy earrings, floral embroideries, lace or leather gloves, shawls, rings, leather insertions or accessories she gets a dramatic luxury, that may look dark but reveals the richness of a style. Yes ladies – it's much like Dolce & Gabanna's Alta Moda picture. This symbol of ultimate style – black - when paired with gold is the definition of glamor and opulence! Prabal Gurung's Autumn Winter 2012/2013 collection evolved around this Renaissance mixture of the two opposed yet so complimenting colors: black and gold.

Dolce & Gabbana (Photo courtesy of Zoccao)

To be honest with you it was all a matter of time until such a comeback took its toll. I mean with all the celebs donning their black outfits while sipping coffees or playing it safe in black on the red carpet – it was a back to black move bound to happen. Jennifer Aniston finally pulled it off. She is the red carpet Queen of black. I always say, why fix it if it ain't broken, right? Then we've got the streets. A simple look at London's Paris' or New York's street styles will mirror that woman love this gloomy dramatic lack of color. It's easy to wear, to accessorize, to dress up or down and it never falls out of fashion. Well not if you add a bit of dazzle to it. Sure you may choose the rock punk grunge side of it, which in itself is another big trend, or you may just reinvent this classic look however you may please and see fit.

Barbara Martelo in Balmain (Photo courtesy of

Though long gone are the days when fashion was restrictive and imposing, the Back to Black trend may not be dictated but has sure found its fashion spot this season. Women love to be classic and feminine but always with a new twist, and if opulence and dramatic luxurious elegance is the new edge, then I predict we'll be witnessing a lot of gloomy glamorous street styles. Women want to be strong, assertive, rich and sensual. And this black revival is just that. A symbol of what the 21st century woman embodies when urged to be all in one. Black outfits when styled with glamor become a statement of power, femininity & boldness for the one wearing it. 

By Dana Cristina Malaescu
Fashion Editor at FashionTag

Polish supermodel Anja Rubik (Photo courtesy of hbz)

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Valentino Autumn/Winter 2012 (Photo courtesy of

Street style, Paris Fashion Week (Photo courtesy of My Fashion Tricks)

Marc Jacobs Autumn/Winter 2012 (Photo courtesy of Harper's Bazaar)

New York street style (Photo courtesy of Street Peeper)

Proenza Schouler Autumn/Winter 2012 (Photo courtesy of

Street style (Photo courtesy of

Valentino Autumn/Winter 2012 (Photo courtesy of

Paris street style (Photo courtesy of Wayne Tippetts)

Diane von Furstenberg Autumn/Winter 2012 (Photo courtesy of

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Dana Cristina Malaescu is a London-based fashion writer and editor. She graduated in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion

Her interests include fashion, cinema, reading, travelling and partying with friends.

Dana's dream is to one day become a publisher and Editor-in-Chief so she can continue to inspire people around her.

"To me fashion is a way of expressing ourselves, of experimenting with moods. Fashion is about letting yourself inspired by everything and anything around you: a favorite video, an artist, a painting, a certain  food, a city, a person, a song, a movie etc. It’s about feeling free and unafraid. Ultimately fashion is art – whether expressed in high couture on catwalks or in everyday life on the streets." 

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