Monday, November 12, 2012


By Eva Fydrych

The Young Republic 2012 Christmas Collection

Photo courtesy of Young Republic

It may be only the beginning of November, however it is time to start thinking about your Christmas presents. Fashion Studio Magazine will be publishing a series of articles featuring stylish gift ideas from all over the world. Today, we introduce a vibrant Australian company, Young Republic, which came up with a very fashionable Christmas Collection. Have a look and enjoy your shopping!

Attention young designers: Did you know that you can set up your on shop on Young Republic website? The whole process is very easy and straightforward. Have a look how:

Selected products from the catalogue:

All photos courtesy of Young Republic

"Don't get caught out giving lame gifts this Christmas season. Young Republic have released their 2012 Christmas Collection featuring hundreds of unique and exciting gift ideas for the fashionable man, woman and child. Showcasing the best from over 100 of their hottest independent designers, these gift ideas are sure to wow the crowd this Christmas!"

All photos courtesy of Young Republic


Young Republic is a community where passionate fashion makers and fashion lovers come together to discover, shop and share unique designs from all over the world. 

Their global marketplace brings you the next big labels and independent designers straight from the streets of Sydney, New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Madrid & many more. Their mission is simple - to give independent designers and emerging labels a voice and a platform to grow their brands, and to offer their trend-setting styles to our fashion-hungry followers.
Source: Young Republic

View the Young Republic 2012 Christmas Collection:

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  1. Today, I want to share a little part of my bedroom with you! I love decorating for Christmas! This year, now that I am married, I wanted to show you how I like to spruce up my bedroom for Christmas! I got many of these smaller pillows at Target this year! The smaller ones are from the dollar section at Target! The red/green make it a little more festive! My nightstand has HotSkwash pumpkins on them! I have a lot of these! They are so addicting! Each pumpkin is hand made using real pumpkin stems! They come in so many fun colors!


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