Thursday, November 8, 2012


By Eva Fydrych

All photos courtesy of Gail / The Equinox

BANGKOK - As Fashion Studio Magazine continues to expand its activities in Asia, we are happy to announce that Paweerata Pureekul (aka Gail) was appointed as a Fashion Assistant in Bangkok. Gail will be writing about Thai fashion industry, conducting interviews with both emerging and established designers, covering fashion and beauty events in Bangkok, and discovering new shopping venues. If you would like to get in touch with Gail, you can contact her here.

Picture from Gail's fashion blog, The Equinox


Gail holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a certificate in Fashion Design. She has been running her own fashion blog The Equinox for more then 10 months now. Her fashion experience includes working for a Singaporean designer Frederick Lee, a fashion retailer Zalora, New York based designer Flinga Co. and Universal Studios in Florida. Gail has not only a great eye for fashion trends, but also a lot of positive energy, creative mind, and a unique approach to fashion. We are very happy to have you on board Gail!

"I don't know if fashion is a good or a bad thing, but sometimes it makes people lose their own identity if they don't know how to be themselves. Remember to always be confident and be yourself. " - Gail

Photos courtesy of Zimbio

Read Gail's first article: FASHION CALENDAR - NOVEMBER 2012


  1. The outfits are really beautiful! I love fashion so much and I always admire those beautiful oufits. Bangkok is a really a place for fashion. -

    1. Thank you Jannah! Yes, there is so much happening in Bangkok's fashion industry right now. We hope to bring you all the latest news soon!


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