Wednesday, November 21, 2012


By Eva Fydrych

Spring/Summer 2012 (Photo courtesy of Silvian Imberg)

European designer Silvian Imberg offers sleek, architectural beachwear that is modern, feminine and flattering - all the qualities you would like in a luxurious swimsuit for a seaside holiday.

Don't miss their fashion show at Marina Bay Sands this Saturday! See details of the show here.

Spring/Summer 2012 (All photos courtesy of Silvian Imberg)

Spring/Summer 2012 (All photos courtesy of Silvian Imberg)


The beach and leisurewear couture of "SILVIAN IMBERG" blends the preciseness of traditional tailoring with future forward fabrics and design to create a bold look that is feminine, alluring and refined.

Engineered with a contemporary architectural vision, using cutting edge techniques and materials, "SILVIAN IMBERG" creations are shaped by a distinctive aesthetic that stretches the boundaries of swimwear design, redefining the meaning of haute couture swimwear and beachwear, elegant and glamourus, individually crafted luxury items.

"SILVIAN IMBERG" – is extremely body conscious, and even with its more unusual elements, the line is supremely wearable. Imberg's target audience is the sensual elegant woman, looking to make the most of her natural curves and look sexy without revealing too much skin.


After being born and raised in Europe, Silvian Imberg had first felt the attraction to the fashion world during his studies in acting school, along side his international carrier as one of the first male models. During this period Silvian had discovered the  power of clothing over all women. 

One thing led to another and Silvian was offered to join a new enterprise designing ready-to-wear and swimwear. 

Working, studying and being taken all around the world as the head designer of several  fashion houses, had finally brought Silvian to understand that in order to fully express his design creativity – he can not allow any restrictions and directions in the design process – thus venturing to establish his own company. In 2005, he had established his own company, creating his private collection carrying his own name "SILVIAN IMBERG".
Source: Silvian Imberg

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