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By Lisa Doherty

Eyelash Canada – An innovative approach to Eyelash Extensions 

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Eyelash extensions have risen in popularity over the past couple of years, and Eyelash Canada’s Yvette Spencer was the first to offer this service to Canadians. Eyelash Canada is a private company based out of Toronto Ontario, with dedicated beauty professionals who each have something unique to offer. Their craft however, lies in the application of false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. What does this company have to offer that no other company can match? 


Firstly, they offer bottom lashes, and currently, they are the only company in Canada to offer this service. They are also the only company who has received approval to use “Medical Grade Adhesive” for applying extensions. Most importantly, their lashes are long-lasting and some can adhere for as long as 3 months thanks to their innovative techniques and refined skills. 

Colourful eyelash extensions (Photo courtesy of Elle Canada)


Not only do Yvette and her professionals offer these unique services themselves, but they also offer courses to the public by educating makeup artists, beauticians and the general public, while providing the largest extension kits in the country. 


Not only is it important for Eyelash Canada to provide their clients with beautiful lashes, but hygiene and safety is imperative to their profession. 

“Eyelash Canada is very particular about safety - all tools are sanitized between clients and disposables are discarded - our facilities are inspected regularly by the Ministry of Health. We have very high standards on the products that we use. We are always researching to find the best ones available on the market, and working vigorously with our manufacturers in the development of new top quality products. We are confident that our products are the best”. - says Yvette.

To learn more about Eyelash Canada and their unique services, check out their website at

Lisa Doherty 
Makeup Artist

Photo courtesy of Eyelash Canada (Click to enlarge)


Lisa Doherty is a Makeup Artist based in Kingston, Ontario. Lisa shares her beauty knowledge with our readers in her regular articles for Fashion Studio Magazine. Not only is she a talented Makeup Artist, but she is a great writer too! Her articles are always very interesting and informative, featuring the latest beauty and makeup trends in the industry.

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  1. Had an amazing eyelash extension experience with Yvette. I'm actually at first not a fan of eyelash extension. But I have always wished to have natural long curly eyelashes because for me, it adds beauty impact because our eyes are the window of our souls. I have seen a lot of eyelash extension stories and companies that provide such services here in Canada, but I am afraid of the pain that I'll feel. But last September on my 30th birthday, I decided to conquer my fear and tried to have my eyelash extension done. Since it’s my first time, I would not want to risk my eyelashes, so I went to the well known master eyelash technician in Canada which is Yvette Spencer from Eyelash Canada ( I've heard a lot of good things about Yvette and the kind of service and expertise that she possesses. And she did live up to my expectations! I never felt so great on my 30th birthday because my wish for long curly eyelashes came true! The good thing about having an expert do the extension is that you'll be assured that you are in good hands.

  2. Totally Agree! Yvette is amazing!
    Yvette has been doing my lashes for the 3rd time now and I have to say that she never failed to impress me with her magic eyelashes touch. I always make it a point to book an appointment with her because she does deliver good results.. I recommend that you book an appointment with her and see the result for yourselves. Visit their website and book your appointment now.

  3. Definitely the Best for me!
    I have actually visited Yvette twice when I went to Toronto for a business trip and I must admit that she really did a great job in doing my eyelash extensions and their salon is neat and organize. I was taken care of by their staff while waiting for my turn. I'm actually looking forward on my next appointment with Yvette early next year.


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