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By Gail

Shopping Like a Local - Siam Night Market

Siam Night Market, Bangkok (Photos courtesy of Bangkok 37 and Photomozaic)

BANGKOK - It’s been a long time since Bangkok has been pushing forward its fashion industry to the world. Nowadays there are lots of shopping places at every corner of the street such as high-end department stores, local street markets or even pop-up stalls. However, if you want to experience Bangkokian’s shopping style, I will recommend one of my favorite shopping places called “Siam Night Market”.

Actually, Siam Square has been the center point for teenagers and shopping lovers for many years. Although, there are various stores located all around the place, some may not know that its night bazaar has more than new 30 stands selling all kinds of fashion items with a broad range of prices. The products are pretty similar to what you can find at Siam Paragon and other well-known shopping malls, however, the prices are much lower. They vary from 100 Baht up to 1,000 Bath, depending on the quality. Stall vendors usually import trendy clothes from fashion countries like China, Hong Kong and South Korea and sell to Thai people at much lower prices.

Siam Night Market, Bangkok (Photo by Gail)

Personally, there are three reasons why I always pick Siam Night Market as my number one shopping place:

Firstly, you can expect almost everything to be here.

I’m more like a street wear lover who loves to mix & match the clothes, so I prefer to go to the place which sells a lot of items, not just brand name products. Every time I go shopping, I just can’t tell you what exactly I want to buy but it always pops up in my head all of a sudden that I want to pair this top with that vest or match the rounded sunglasses with vintage dress. This night market provides everything: think about trendy military jackets, denims, checked shirts, modern dresses, silver disco pants, pastel pleated skirts, second handed bags, metallic accessories, high heels or even makeup kits and bras! 

Siam Night Market, Bangkok (Photo by Gail)

Secondly, “good price”.

Sometimes, I spend my money on renowned brand names yet I love to try new things, so I’m really looking for something cool and on trend because as time passes by, fashion changes all the time. Nevertheless, some goods are not really that cheap compared to the malls, they are really unique and you won’t be able to find them anywhere else. Even if you find the same product at Siam Paragon, I bet it would cost you up to 2,000 or 3,000 Baht while you can buy it here for only 700 Baht. Just check the fabric and quality and see if it’s worth your money.

Siam Night Market, Bangkok (Photo by Gail)

Lastly, it is the right place to hang out with your friends.

What do you expect the girl’s activity to be if it’s not shopping? I’ve been coming here since I was in university (the campus is located only 10 minutes away so it’s really easy to walk). Of course you can relieve your stress by shopping here, it doesn’t matter if you come after work or school as long as you can spend the precious time with your girls, helping each other to figure out what to buy. If you are hungry, you can just walk to the nearby restaurants or dessert cafes, really easy! 

Thus, if you want to shop like local people do, Siam Night Market can be one of the best answers that provide everything you are looking for. Anyway, let me tell you one thing to be aware of: it is always jam-packed!

Siam Night Market, Bangkok (Photo by Gail)

Siam Night Market, Bangkok (Photo by Gail)

Siam Night Market, Bangkok (Photo by Gail)

Siam Night Market, Bangkok (Photo by Gail)

Siam Night Market, Bangkok (Photo by Gail)


Location: In front of Siam Square
Rama 1 Rd, Bangkok
Transportation: BTS Siam 
Opening Times: Tuesday-Sunday, 5pm-midnight

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