Monday, December 10, 2012


By Mandy Bright

Mr Shiz 

Photo courtesy of Mr Shiz

LONDON, UK - Mr Shiz is a London based artist who specialises in custom body painting, graffiti/murals and airbrushing. He moved to London in 1999, after leaving his home town just outside Paris where he attended Art College. After visiting the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas and seeing the amazing airbrush skills of Craig Fraser and Mike Lavallee, he then realised that he wanted a career in art/design. He dedicated all his time to his art and gained more confidence and in turn more customers.

His client base now varies from large corporate companies to private individuals, where he creates inspirational, visually engaging creative pieces for interior and public spaces, advertising, PR events and installations. 

Photo courtesy of Mr Shiz

Body painting has become increasingly popular in advertising, events and PR. His work is used for photo shoots, fashion shows, private and public events and consumer shows. His recent customers include the singer Usher whom he body painted four models with a tuxedo design for his 34th birthday party in London. 

For Perrier he painted two models for the ‘Glow in the Dark’ promotion event party at the exclusive Raffles club in London. In securing clients like these shows his extraordinary talent, creativity and professionalism. In addition he has created his own body painting series, where his creativity, individuality and talent really show. Body painted models wear unique custom-made design heads and masks adding intrigue and a different creative dimension.

Perrier ‘Glow in the Dark’ promotion party (Photo courtesy of Mr Shiz)

Perrier ‘Glow in the Dark’ promotion party (Photo courtesy of Mr Shiz)

Body painting by Mr Shiz (Photo by Luci Jones)

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