Sunday, April 7, 2013


By Eva Fydrych

Tipilly $100 gift voucher giveaway

Photos courtesy of Tipilly

Tipilly is an international online store offering girly dresses and trendy accessories. A woman who wears Tipilly is strong, confident, and feminine at the same time. The designs are simple and stylish, some of them feature unusual details such as multiple cutouts or sexy open back. Classic colour palette makes them suitable for many occasions. 


1) 'Like' Tipilly on Facebook.

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3) Leave a comment explaining why you should be the winner.
Please make sure you leave your email! (example: john [at]

Open to all readers. The winner will be contacted by email. Prize value in US dollars. Not valid with other promotions or items that are already on sale.
Closing date: 15 April 2013

Good luck!

All photos courtesy of Tipilly

All photos courtesy of Tipilly

All photos courtesy of Tipilly


  1. Oh my gosh I love those dresses :O :D and I should be the winner hmm because I love that store ( ordered a dress from them this summer) and I really like your blog :) my email is: :D xoxo

  2. I love the pics you did post.. :)

    And why I should be the winner because I love Dresses and can´t get enoughe of them..

    xoxo, Daniela

    1. Thank you for your entry Daniela! I like your new project that will feature traditional fashion from different countries around the world. Great idea!

  3. Great giveaway! Love all the designs in the photos - gorgeous dresses :)

    Why should I be the winner?
    Because my personal style is quite feminine and polished, yet still edgy and trendy, which reflects the Tipilly style. I love unique and unusual details on clothing because I believe it adds a little more personality, which I always look for when buying clothes.
    I also love mixing trends together to create a unique look and Tipilly clothing has simple, yet very stylish and trendy pieces that you can experiment with. I love the use of classic colours - it means you can dress items (such as a gorgeous cut-out maxi dress) up or down to suit any occasion using the right accessories. This makes Tipilly clothing totally wearable and it would be an amazing addition to my wardrobe!


    Love your site - i'm your latest follower!
    Excited to read future posts :)

  4. Beautiful dresses! What a great line! Stylish and accessible to everyone:) Now that's something I can get behind!!

  5. Why should I be a winner? Well, simple, you know these pain killers are not good for my stomach, seriously – somebody has to save my stomach [exclaiming]...everytime I look into my closet, I can see nothing I could wear, and every time this decision what to wear gives me a headache, which leads me to taking painkiller [to help my head}...and the result is – I am still wearing some clothes I really don’t feel comfortable in...or I don’ fell pretty enough in...or I don’t feel sexy enough in...or I don’t feel good enough in. Well, the thing is that I don’t really have enough money so usually I just buy “safe” clothing – which means boring items which is wearable, but so plane that it becomes invisible not only in my closet, but in the street too. And I want to be visible, fashionable and feminine. would you notice a person in ordinary jeans and grey top, or would you notice somebody in that screaming red Alexis Cut Out Maxi dress. And that Studded Shoulder Leather Jacket – i would rock the city in that. And that‘s how i would be happier and that‘s how the world would be a better place to live :) that's why i should win :)
    FB: Gintare K.
    email: gintare[dot]amber[at]gmail[dot]com

  6. Kate, Talia, Jackie, Gintare - thank you for your entries!

  7. And the winner is...

    JACKIE from 'Style My Dreams'



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