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Press Release

Live! ALU / Milan Design Week
9 - 14 April 2013

Live! ALU - Milan Design Week (Photo by Sofia Fernandez Stenstrom)

MILAN, ITALY - After one year of partnership, ALU and ABC Mannequins showcase a new installation as part of the most awaited design event in the world.

During the Milano Design Week, Atelier ABC Mannequins at Corso Como 5 is the place where together they have expanded the boundaries of the presentation to incorporate their products and display solutions into a performance. Live!, because it becomes real only when you see it with your own eyes.

Live! ALU - Milan Design Week (Photo courtesy of ALU)

ALU’s artistic thread during the Milano Design Week is live! Their Creatives have conceived the installations, their display systems will act and transform into a dynamic sequence of ever-changing retail solutions. As soon as you walk into the Atelier, you can picture a slow explosion of ideas starting from the iconic Autopole.

Mobile Flex Unit is the king of illusions: rotate it and it will easily transform from hanging unit into a table.

The merge of different colors and patterns alters the original product and become a new one. Slash can become as versatile as a chameleon when transformed through the use of color and its new range of accessories.

Multifunctional versatility, simple customization, ability to multitask and to incorporate the merchandise innovatively: Slider for the first time at 5 Corso Como will be able to really show what it’s made of.

Live! ALU - Milan Design Week (Photo courtesy of ALU)

On the occasion of the finest events on the Italian and International scene - il Salone del Mobile - an extraordinary performance will take place on the platform of ABC Atelier in Corso Como 5 Milano. Innovative and creative, as always, ABC Atelier provides the essential space for the international public that will be flocking to the capital of Design, to see first hand - live! - the creation of a mannequin.

In the wake of the diffuse creativity that will permeate the air during Design Week, the Atelier premises will be transformed into a fervid laboratory for experiments, art and craftsmanship; a temporary arrangement in the creative centre of the company lit-up with vibrant pop chromatics, to hold a memorable avant-garde performance: the production of a prototype mannequin using a plaster cast in April, 11th, 12th and 13th.

With its harmonious and stylized form, this first mold will constitute the archetype of ABC Mannequins’ new female collection.

Live! ALU - Milan Design Week (Photo by Sofia Fernandez Stenstrom)

The performance contains all the steps required for the creation of a new collection of mannequins; from the choice of the model to the realization of the prototype.

The body on which the mold will be modelled will be chosen in two phases during the period of the show – April, 9th and 10th – from a pool of candidates proposed by the leading international modelling agencies.

The Atelier premises will be enlivened for the occasion by artistic installations for setting up creative make-up and hair-styling laboratories that finalize the process for producing the mannequin.

The entire "making-of" that will develop over the five days of the event will be documented by means of an "on-line movie", a kind of reality show that will be transmitted after the performance by means of the company's media channels.

Source: ALU Press Office

Live! ALU - Milan Design Week (Photo courtesy of ALU)

Live! ALU - Milan Design Week (Photo courtesy of ALU)

Live! ALU - Milan Design Week (Photo by Sofia Fernandez Stenstrom)

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