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Lifework: Norman Parkinson's Century of Style
Until 12 May 2013

Model wearing a Legroux Soeurs Hat, 1952. (Picture: Corbis/ © Norman Parkinson Ltd/
Courtesy of Norman Parkinson Archive)

LONDON, UK - Regarded as the father of modern fashion photography, 2013 marks the centenary of Norman Parkinson’s birth. Many of the tropes that are now commonplace in print and online images – exotic locations, unexpected props and weird juxtapositions – were introduced in the extraordinary photographs he took before and after the Second World War. Beyond the glamour that for many defines his work, he was also an incisive and skilful portrait photographer. This National Theatre exhibition will cover all aspects of his long career until his death in 1990.

In association with Corbis, the National Theatre’s Photographic Images Partner.

Source: National Theatre

Fashion models wear a variety of hats on the roof of the Conde Nast Building against a view of the New
York skyline, 1949. (Picture: Corbis/ © Norman Parkinson Ltd/ Courtesy Norman Parkinson Archive)

Free exhibition. No tickets required.

Open during building opening hours
Mon - Sat: 9.30am - 11pm
Sun (when open): 12 noon - 6pm
Exceptions: Monday 1 April and Monday 6 May: 4 - 11pm

Katherine Pastrie modelling a Bernard Devaux Hat. (Picture: Corbis/ © Norman Parkinson Ltd/
Courtesy of Norman Parkinson Archive)

Courtesy of Norman Parkinson Archive

Jerry Hall by Norman Parkinson (Courtesy of Norman Parkinson Archive)

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