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Press Release

Contest: JStar & Tokyo Fashion Night
15 May 2013

Photo courtesy of JRunway

SINGAPORE - After the successful launch of its flagship store at Plaza Singapura, JRunway will host the JStar event to meet successful candidates and select its brand ambassador - JStar.

JStar is derived from the Fashion Community concept that JRunway brings from Japan. The concept that the community is where those who love fashion gather and is a place from which a new trend is born.

Application for JStar was launched on 21st November 2012 with the aim: to search for talented people; to search for a JRunway ambassador to represent the brand; and to establish JRunway in the world of fashion.

For the contest, more than 300 applications were received. Candidates who successfully went through internal selection and in-store voting will be invited to the next round to become a JStar finalist, who will play the role of a Japanese fashion icon (JRunway ambassador) with activities such as runway modeling, fashion blogging and new collection shooting. 

The contest judges are Mr Ken Soda, CEO of model agency BARK in STYLe, Ms QiuQiu, a popular Singaporean fashion blogger and Mr Kenji Chigira, CEO of JRunway’s headquarter Apparel-web Inc. Contestants will be judged based on how they style themselves; how they present themselves for the professional shoot on stage; and how they perform at the Interview with the judges.

Photo courtesy of JRunway

“I believe this will be a great opportunity to find and grow a talented Singaporean to start a modelling career. If he/she is suitable, I would like to invite him/her to my agency in Japan where he/she could flourish as a model. By doing so, Japan and Singapore will have more in common in the fashion industry and more fashion cultural exchange will be made. - commented Mr Soda.

Mr Chigira shared his thought: “I want our JStar to get to know more about Japanese fashion and to be a trend-setter in Singapore. Fashion in Japan has been growing owing to the support of fashion lovers. Consumers are the main players in creating trends and this is the unique and interesting feature of Japanese fashion. I hope such custom is recognized in Singapore as well, so that the fashion industry as a whole will be more and more active. ” 

On JRunway’s 1st anniversary in November 2013, a grand winner will be chosen and be invited to 5 days of modeling experience in Japan and other premium prizes.

JStar After Party Tokyo Fashion Night by BARK in STYLe

Tokyo Fashion Night will be a collaboration with Japanese model agency BARK in STYLe on 15th May. Newly opened Japanese-concept club, Kyo, is the venue for this exciting party, where Japanese fashion and young culture contents will gather in one place to create a real fashion community and new trends begin through fashion cultural exchange between Japan and Singapore.

Tunes will be played by guest deejays from Japan; Go, Mikael and YUKIHIDE. A fashion show is programmed featuring guest models from Japan; TAKU, Kenji Kureyama and HIROSHI, as well asJStar contestants to showcase Japanese fashion. The event is sponsored by MUCOTA and Prime Group Asia, hosts of GOLD hair event which presents Japanese hair care products. At the end of the event, JStar finalists will be announced.
Source: JRunway

Contest: JStar

Date: 15th May, (Wed) 
Venue: JRunway, Plaza Singapura #01-54 
Time: 7pm - 9pm

Tokyo Fashion Night at Kyo from 10pm

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