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By Eva Fydrych

Swinging Sixties

Artwork by Cara Hitchener

The famous 1960s broke many traditions in the fashion world and featured a lot of new trends: pillbox hat introduced by Jackie Kennedy, false eyelashes, A-line dresses, capri trousers, anoraks, psychedelic prints & patterns, and much more. There were three influential designers that shaped the fashion decade and revolutionized the way people dressed: Mary Quant (UK), Andre Courreges (France) and Emilio Pucci (Italy).


The inventor of the mini-skirt, Mary Quant, brought a lot of creativity and fresh ideas to the fashion scene in the sixties. The revolutionary English designer opened her first boutique, Bazaar, when she was only twenty one. Located at the trendy King's Road in London, the boutique quickly became a must-visit destination for the local fashionistas. After a successful beginning, Mary decided to set up her own studio in her small apartment. Her waistless, loose-fitting dresses were characterized by clean lines and high armholes. The new dress lengths were worn with flat shoes or boots.

60s Mary Quant Fashion Magazine Ad

The new abbreviated hemlines quickly brought her a lot of recognition and became symbol of women's liberation and rebellion against the establishment. Mary Quant had a lot of advantages over other designers: she was not only young and innovative, but also lived in the right place at the right time. London was considered one of the most fashionable cities at that time. 

Jean  Shrimpton in a Mary Quant dress

Fashion illustration by Mary Quant, iconic British designer of the Sixties.

In 1966 Mary Quant introduced a cosmetic line. In 1969 the designer stopped selling clothes and continued to run her business with accessories, lingerie, and cosmetic lines. One year later, Mary introduced interior and textile design collections. Although she sold her business in 2000 and doesn't design anymore, Mary Quant continues to inspire next generations of fashion designers around the world.

Designs by Mary Quant

Designs by Mary Quant

Mary Quant in her studio, London 1963 (Photos courtesy of Zimbio)

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