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Photo courtesy of 5cm

I.T's house brand 5cm has been a well-loved label for local fashionistas since its launch. Its design concept of simple and subtle street casual wear might have changed from season to season and trend to trend, but the brand image stays close to its core. 5cm's unique designs take the brand's development to a new level while at the same time redefining the brand's future direction. With its maturing designs that infuse high fashion concepts with street casual wear, the brand creates an image even sharper and more splendid for the shoppers. 

The SS13 menswear collection, themed 'Black America', sees plenty of soldier and military elements in the designs. Apart from the brand's signature use of the classic black and white, designers also use colours, such as date red and a series of earthy tones to echo the theme, expressing the cruelty and history of the war in its very own subtle way. This season, 5cm includes the avant-garde camouflage and national flag prints into the collection. No matter a dandy look or a versatile mix-and-match, the prints are refreshing and bold. Apart from the basic prints, designers created a three-dimensional optical illusion using star shaped sequins. 

Photo courtesy of 5cm

Old-school, stone-washed technique to create a retro look are also used. With the use of different materials and diverse cuttings such as double-collared details, rope details on turtle neck and triangular scarf hood, it gives a new outlook to the otherwise conventional design. Asymmetrical cutting, draping and layering have always been the brand's signature design details as designers have taken the market needs into account. The designers also incorporated a collection of rocker-chic hardware accessories and shoes, bringing out the brand's playful mix-and-match style.

Photo courtesy of 5cm

5cm 15th Anniversary Ad Campaign by Terry Richardson (2013)

This year, 5cm ushers in the brand's 15th anniversary, and steps into another important milestone. Celebrating the brand’s 15th anniversary, 5cm has proudly invited Terry Richardson, the world-renowned American fashion, portrait and documentary photographer, in producing the 15th anniversary ad campaign, which has successfully transcended the brand image to a whole new level. Terry Richardson's simple and direct signature shooting style has been fully demonstrated in the ad campaign, featuring Cole Mohr with his natural body movements, poses, facial expressions, and tattoos that captures his bad boy image, in line with 5cm’s punk rock brand image.

Source: Word Of Mouth Communications

5cm will be available at Wisma Atria in June 2013

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