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By Eva Fydrych


Spring/Summer 2013 ad campaign (Photo courtesy of izzue)

SINGAPORE - Are you excited about i.t concept store opening in Singapore? Over the next couple of weeks Fashion Studio Magazine will be presenting selected brands available at i.t. Our informative fashion guide (courtesy of Word Of Mouth Communications) will help you get more familiar with the brands' history and view their latest collections. First in our series - young and creative izzue.

Since its launch in 1999, I.T in-house fashion brand izzue has been a leading member in the city’s creative design scene. izzue’s eccentric and fashion forward style has built a strong following among the fashionistas with its originality and versatility well-loved by the industry's trend setters. The brand’s creative minds are striking again this coming season. izzue’s SS13 collection fuses style, creativity, versatility and utility through a diverse use of high quality fabrics, trendy colours and creative detailing,which creates a wardrobe that reflects the wearer's personality.

Photo courtesy of izzue


For the SS13 collection, izzue's womenswear collection themed 'Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most', creates a collection of looks inspired by Japanese kimonos, such as wide sleeves, drop shoulder, high-waisted wide belt and rarely-seen-before floral prints to add in feminine elements to the spring-summer collection. Designers add in the colours red and pale blue into the basic black and white to make the looks suitable for the season of spring and summer. Apart from the use of trendy hues, designers also use different fabrics such as synthetic leather, chiffon, mesh cloth, nylon, lace and denim to create delicate yet unique layers. The designers also harnessed the use of exquisite fabrics, and light-weighted, sport-chic elements to highlight its fashion-forward styles. 

Photo courtesy of izzue

The Jeans Line of izzue’s mainline this season injects energies from the boundless ocean into the latest collection, mixing different cutting techniques with hand-painted prints, presenting geometric water colour prints in the form of collage for a sharp and strong visual impact, with a splash of spring-ready pastel colours. Adding sporty-chic elements into clean and simple cutting is the main focus for Casual Line this season, with light and sheer three-dimensional cuttings, to make a fashionable statement. Colour-wise, the collection adds pale yellow, purple and mint on to the palette of basic beige, charcoal grey, apricot, navy blue and black for a spring-ready wardrobe.

Photo courtesy of izzue

Photo courtesy of izzue


izzue's menswear collection this season is also themed 'Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most'. This season’s most eye-catching element is the incorporation of Japanese martial arts (Karate, Judo and Kendo) robe-inspired designs, and sportswear concept into high fashion designs. Denim is also one of this season’s main element. Apart from basic washing techniques, bleaching and gradient-colour washing are also used to create a visual feast. Colour-wise, the collection adds eye-catching red and pastel blue to the palette as well as a mixture of floral prints to add a tinge of spring to welcome the season.

Photo courtesy of izzue

For the men’s mainline, the Jeans Line revolves around skater-wear, utility wear and a series of denim fashions to define the collection this season, in respond to the theme 'Futuristic Sound Wave'. The spring collection sees a huge play on turquoise tones and creates an edgy-chic street wear look, bringing together a fusion of different shades. Designers use fabrics of different textures to mix-and-match a wide spectrum of looks, treating shoppers to a fashion style like never before. Mixing modern sartorial elements, the casual wear collection is right on trend for the new season. A different mix of materials like nylon, oxford fabric, denim and chambray mixed with floral prints, horizontal and vertical stripes are used to create different collage and patchwork combinations. A rainbow of trendy colours of the season is also incorporated into the collection with matching hues to transit shoppers into a cool and delightful spring season.
Source: Word Of Mouth Communications

Photo courtesy of izzue

Photo courtesy of izzue

izuue will be available at Wisma Atria in June 2013


  1. Amazing! I love the stuff. Tops are so different and comfortable. Usually girls like Bella tops..


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