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Summer 2013 - Top trends in men`s fashion

Richard James SS 2013 (Photo courtesy of London Collections: Men)


It`s all about prints this year in men`s fashion; prints in bold bright colours, prints in muted pastels, sport prints, prints on prints. Sporting animal prints on gorgeous tight, tailored suits is a major trend this season and guaranteed to get you noticed. Men will be wearing head turning patterned fitted jackets, with splashes of bold colour under signature coats.

Check out the Agi & Sam collection released in June at Topman, for example. This debut collection for the giant clothing retailer features smart tailoring mixed with quirky digital prints of birds, football kits and George Best. Nominated for the Emerging Talent Menswear Prize at the British Fashion awards last year, the duo`s twenty piece collection for Topman is based on their fictional football club, The Owls. It includes a full sports kit as well as tailored suits and shirts, all featuring Agi & Sam`s trademark animal prints, with a strong emphasis on feathers, mottled eggs and nests. Inspired by last year`s London Olympics and reminiscent of Britain`s coolest footballing legend, George Best, their collection is sure to bring them to the attention of young fashionistas everywhere as they prove themselves to be experts in designing clothes men really want to wear.

Katie Eary SS 2013 (Photo courtesy of London Collections: Men)

Tonal outfitting

Tonal looks are definitely in this season: layered clothing in similar shades of the same colour. Favoured by Nicole Farhi, Richard James, Meadham Kirchoff and Richard Nicholl, this technique is minimalist and classy. You can opt for a conservative navy or grey or choose something more attention grabbing such as this season`s hottest colours in menswear; cobalt blue, orange and pink. Accessories and shoes can match the colour you`ve chosen or if you want to introduce an accent colour, choose a quieter grey or navy for your clothes and team with a contrasting splash of orange in a hat, bag or shoes.

Statement overcoats

The statement overcoat will be big this autumn / winter. The key trend here will be colour and prints on large silhouettes. If you are very bold, opt for one in fuchsia or orange by Katie Eary or perhaps something a little more subtle by winner of London Fashion Awards 2012 Emerging Designer prize, Jonathan Saunders.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Milan Fashion Week SS'13 (Photo courtesy of The Clothes Whisperer)

Bright colours

Bold and beautiful colour is definitely de rigueur this season. Fuchsia pink, hot orange, cobalt blue are all in and everywhere. Real men do wear pink! If you really cannot face the thought of wearing bright cerise, then go for a much more subtle shade and team it with white and grey for a sophisticated look. Choose subtle shades over garish tones.

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are back and they are big this summer. Sporting one with a camouflage print or a paisley will show that you are up to date with this season`s trends. Wear with slim jeans over a plain T. Super casual, super cool, no man should be without one.

Dries Van Noten SS 2013 (Photo by Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway.Com)


A trend that shows no signs of disappearing into the background, camouflage continues to feature strongly in men`s fashion. Ethical fashion designer Christopher Raeburn`s bomber jackets, for example, re-appropriate military fabrics. Wear camouflage jackets with something simple like plain chinos, jeans or denim shorts. If you want to really stand out rather than blend in, team camouflage trousers with an elegant fitted suit for a new and striking look for this season.

Of course, what is great for the gander, can work well for the goose, to misquote a phrase and some of these trends are just as prevalent in women`s fashion this season. If you want your girlfriend to look almost as good as you do, consider buying her a bag or bracelet in one of this summer`s hottest colours. `Eve`s Apple` at has a good selection.


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