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Photo courtesy of fingercroxx

As one of double-park’s house lines, fingercroxx designs clothes inspired by the daily occurrences in life. fingercroxx’s brand logo featuring two crossing fingers delivers a positive message yet carries the meaning of street slang. Also, designers reinterpret the brand logo according to the different seasonal themes. The logo, consistent with the design theme accentuates the wearer’s individuality. fingercroxx focuses on the pattern and fabrics as well as infuses trendy elements and detailing, making the brand a pioneer of the local street fashion scene. 


Themed 'Wild West', this season female’s collection are largely inspired by the classic cartoon character - Yosemite Sam. Aimed at portraying the look of a western cow girl, prints such as cowboy guns, hats, cactus, police badges and bar posters are used heavily in this season's look.

Photo courtesy of fingercroxx


Themed 'Peace, No War', this season' male’s collection reiterates previous seasons' American military concept. Inspirations are drawn from the Vietnam War to bring across the message of peace and love. Apart from the basic hues of black, white and grey, the design team brings different camouflage prints into play. The prints feature 'Highland' and 'Lowland' ERDL patterns, which showcase colours in different level of pigmentation, adding a special touch to the look. Timeless denim is also employed in the designs to echo the theme and for comfort and versatility.

A sub theme - 'Wild West' is also launched this season to reflect the wild and spontaneous lifestyle of the western cowboys. Denim shirts, western cowboy prints and embroidery make up the bulk of the look under this theme.

Source: Word Of Mouth Communications

Photo courtesy of fingercroxx

Photo courtesy of fingercroxx

fingercroxx will be available at Wisma Atria in June 2013

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