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LONG TRAN: Exclusive Interview

By Eva Fydrych

Fantasy World

Photos courtesy of Long Tran

NEW YORK - Long Tran is a New York-based designer who creates unique origami-like pieces. His innovative approach to fashion and unlimited imagination allow him to create futuristic collections that leave a lasting impact on the viewer.

Long will be showing his Spring/Summer 2014 collection on September 8 at the Highline Loft located in the trendy West Chelsea Arts Building in New York. Fashion Studio Magazine spoke with the designer about the inspiration behind his new collection and his fashion-related plans for the future.

Long Tran
Occupation: Fashion Designer
City: New York, US

Long Tran FW13 - Anonymous Collection (Sketches) Click to enlarge

FASHION STUDIO: How did you start your career in the fashion industry?

LONG TRAN: Since high school,  I set myself to be in the fashion industry by learning all the techniques of sewing, photography and everything that is related to fashion and art.

FASHION STUDIO: What do you consider your biggest success so far?

LONG TRAN: My biggest success so far is being able to continue doing what I am doing and receiving a lot of positive feedback.

FASHION STUDIO: What is your personal definition of fashion?

LONG TRAN: My favorite words describing fashion are Sci-Fi, out of this world, and unique.

Long Tran SS13 Campaign – Triangle Elpis (Photographer: Long Tran)

FASHION STUDIO: Where do you take your inspiration from?

LONG TRAN: Mostly, my inspiration comes from my sketches or by collecting details of Earth and putting them together.

FASHION STUDIO: Could you describe your design process?

LONG TRAN: My design process happens mostly in my studio. From sketching to design, then photographing the product - I do everything by myself (no intern or team). I spend most of my time sourcing fabrics, building the garment and making my sketches come alive.   

FASHION STUDIO: What kind of fabrics do you use for your designs?

LONG TRAN: Most of the fabrics I use are common organic fabrics such as silk, wool, leather, and cotton.

Long Tran SS13 Campaign – Triangle Elpis (Photographer: Long Tran)

"We don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality, we create it to be able to stay." - Lynda Barry

Long Tran - Superior Magazine (Click to enlarge)

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe fashion industry in New York? 

LONG TRAN: In my opinion, fashion in New York is not really daring compare to fashion in Europe. It is about ready-to-wear and very low key.

FASHION STUDIO: What are your favorite shopping spots in New York?

LONG TRAN: My favorite places to shop in New York are Oak, Diesel, Hugo Boss, and Y-3.

FASHION STUDIO: What are the 5 essential items that every woman should have in her wardrobe?

LONG TRAN: A pair of black high heels, nude underwear, a long coat, a suit, and a bottle of fragrance.

Sketch by Long Tran - That's how the fashion journey begins...

FASHION STUDIO: Could you reveal the inspiration behind your SS 2014 collection that will be shown in New York in September? 

LONG TRAN: I am so excited for our SS 2014 which is coming up. It will be a lot of unexpected twists, different silhouettes for both men and women. It will be windy with fans, and it will be very summery with our unique shoes.

FASHION STUDIO: What are you plans for the future? What else would you like to achieve? 

LONG TRAN: There are so many projects I am working on at the moment. They include my future collections Fall/Winter 2014 and Spring/Summer 2015. Then, my focus will be more on accessories and collaboration with stylists and celebrities.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you and good luck with your show in September!

Long Tran - Women FW 2013

Photo by Long Tran

Photo by Long Tran

Photo by Long Tran

Photo by Long Tran


Long Tran SS14 - Ripped In Pieces
September 8 at 4:00pm 
The Highline Loft
508 West 26th Street, New York 10001

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