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By Eva Fydrych

An Online Store With a Difference

Selected brands available at theFashionHeadlines (Photos courtesy of TFH)

SINGAPORE - theFashionHeadlines is an online shopping platform which offers an impeccable array of hip brands from around the world  The portal is based in Singapore and it is getting more and more popular each day!

The brands sold at theFashionHeadlines include Absurd Laboratory, AL & ALICIA, Armoire, Hei Lau, Mandy Wu, Patrick Owen, Rainbow People, and many more. The website has its own news section where you can get familiar with the latest trends and read interviews with your favourite designers.

Fashion Studio Magazine spoke with two founders of the platform - Evon Tan and Fia S. Sirikanya. Find out more about their day-to-day tasks, fashion inspiration and styling tips in our exclusive interview below.

Evon & Fia
City: Singapore

TFH Founders - Evon & Fia at the launch of theFashionHeadlines, January 2013

FASHION STUDIO: What inspired you to start theFashionHeadlines?

EVON: I was inspired to start theFashionHeadlines after experiencing a couple of online retailers for my clothing brand. Most of the online retailers did not understand the designers' views on how they would like their products to be taken care of and how they would like to be featured.

My business partner, Sirikanya S. Fia and I love to discuss about business ideas, plans and brainstorm. One day all the stories about the online retailers came into place and we decided to start our own online shopping mall catering to both emerging brands and established brands.

With her eye for beautiful things and business mind, we work perfectly hand in hand.

FIA: My business partner Evon is a fashion designer. Before we started theFashionHeadlines, she had shared with me some of the struggles that she had with some of her online retailers - misusing her product or mis representing it. So the situation really sparked the idea of doing it ourselves.

FASHION STUDIO: What challenges did you face in the beginning?

EVON: The challenges were to get the brands to have faith in us (to join theFashionHeadlines) as we only had a proposal in hand to propose to them (when the site was not ready yet).

FIA: Gathering brands on board, because we were so new on the scene, trying to get brands to visualized our believes and plan was difficult in the beginning .

Absurd Laboratory (Photo courtesy of theFashionHeadlines)

FASHION STUDIO: How do your promote your website?

EVON: We promote it via online magazines, magazines and social media. Not only that we organize a monthly pop up event (one weekend) in our partnered restaurant SocialHaus in Singapore up-and-coming lane (Tiong Bahru) for customers to gain a better understanding on the brands story, quality and made. There, customers can enjoy a special designed theFashionHeadlines brunch menu, cocktails and an afternoon of shopping delight.

FIA: We use a variety of online marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google ads or traditional media like newspaper and magazine

FASHION STUDIO: What makes theFashionHeadlines unique?

EVON: theFashionHeadlines is not restricted by one style alone, not restricted by Asian designers alone and does not restrict to just emerging brands. We are unique in the sense that we are the one stop shop for an outfit shopping. Not only that, our logistics partner does a terrific job in providing our Singapore customers the best next day delivery (if order is placed before 1PM). Our overseas customers are also able to enjoy free delivery (that will take up to 14 business days) and a choice of economy or priority delivery (with add on cost).

FIA: We are always looking out for the top trend and what is available to the customers. What can be made available from our point of view. Always trying to find something new to offer to the Singapore market. 

Patrick Owen (Photo courtesy of TFH)

FASHION STUDIO: Which items are most popular at the moment?

EVON: Our eyewear are the most popular seller at the moment!

FIA: The most popular items are the sunglasses, we have a good range of sunglasses available on the side. Le Specs are most popular, due to its unique styling and price range.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe your typical customer?

EVON: theFashionHeadlines customers are professionals who are chic and enjoy looking good.

FIA: Our target customer are usually the ones that are not afraid try something new & unique. When merchandising for product we are always looking for something eye-catching and unique, one-of-a-kind. The personalities we are going for are the 'standing out types'; they will be our target customers too.

FASHION STUDIO: What are the advantages of shopping online?

EVON: You can receive your products in the office! 

FIA: There are many advantages of shopping online, one being the exclusivity and convenient of shopping at your own computer screen at home or office, no need to go through the hassle to go out in the public area or crowded space. And yet you can browse for the curated and exclusive product conveniently. Also, we often provide our customer with discount code '% off ', so that's an additional benefit when shopping with us.

Photo courtesy of theFashionHeadlines

FASHION STUDIO: What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

EVON: My biggest achievement is to be able to help other emerging brands showcase their designs on theFashionHeadlines and to propel their brand and their story to our worldwide customer base.

FIA: Every step for us is an achievement, from the very beginning of launching the website, getting more brands on board, making first sales, we have a piles of achievements that we are proud of. The next achievement would be finding and partnering with investors - that's what we are aiming for. We have many plans in the pipeline and hope to set that into reality soon.

FASHION STUDIO: Who is your favourite fashion designer and why?

EVON: My favourite designer is Phoebe Philo - creative director of Celine. Her ability to balance family with hard work and her passion for fashion. Her creativity brought Celine from the second league brand to the lead in fashion. She is definitely my fashion inspiration at the moment.

FIA: I have many favourite fashion designers, a few things from a few collections here and there so I can't really pinpoint one in particular.

FASHION STUDIO: What is the best fashion advice you ever received?   

EVON: Best Fashion Advice: Always wear your own designs. 

FIA: Don't wear repeated colour in one outfit.

Fashion icon Iris Apfel (Photo courtesy of chicelephant)

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe Singaporean street style?

FIA: The older crowd are towards the safer side, where work-appropriate attire limits them from really showing their character. Younger people are on the quirky side of things. So it is safe to say that Singapore  is not defined by one style. And certainly there is room for more fashion sense. 

FASHION STUDIO: Which city do you consider the fashion capital of the world and why?

EVON: Milan! Everyone is well dressed even if it's just a simple white t-shirt, there is a certain simplex style sense instilled in people!

FIA: New York would be the fashion capital for me. I saw people on Fifth Avenue - everyone was dressed in particular style that defined themselves very well. You could see their sense of character.

FASHION STUDIO: Where do you buy your clothes and accessories?

EVON: I wear my own designs and combine them with the accessory designers from theFashionHeadlines. Mandy Wu Jewelry match well with most of my designs. It gives a certain edge to the simplex designs that my brand exudes.

FIA: In many places. It depends on what I see and what I like.

Patrick Owen Spring/Summer 2013 - Garden of Glory (Photo courtesy of TFH)

FASHION STUDIO: Could you share some styling tips with our readers?   

EVON: Always match your shoes to your outfit and don’t forget your lipstick!

FIA: You have to always assess your clothing. Sometimes clothes maybe outdated and it might not fit as well as it used to.

See if the favorite dress is still flattering or not flattering to your body type, in that moment in time. Some people hold onto clothes for many years and maybe back then it used to look good but today it might not fit as well as it used t , so to prevent any fashion faux pas, assess your style on day-to-day basis! 

FASHION STUDIO: What projects are you currently working on?

EVON: We are currently in discussion with a couple of partners to bring in more interesting brands for our Singapore customers! Not only that, we are working on bringing our pop-up events to more locations in Singapore for different groups of customers to experience our pop-up house event in many more ways.

FASHION STUDIO: What are your future plans?

EVON: The future plans for theFashionHeadlines – we are looking at expanding into different services to aid our designer brands. All these will be revealed in due time.

FIA: We have a few things in the pipeline and we would like to let it be known when is all set and ready to go, 

At the same time we always looking for new brands and designer to come on board. So for any tips or any private label designers who want to join us, please contact us on our webpage, send in your portfolio right away and we love to hear from you. Thank you.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you and good luck with all your plans!

Photo courtesy of FDF


  • theFashionHeadlines ships to 50 countries worldwide
  • they accept Paypal payment
  • you can shop at theFashionHeadlines without creating an account and place your order in just a few clicks
  • theFashionHeadlines have a 7 day return/exchange window
  • there is a selection of 30 brands to choose from

Fashion Studio Favourites:

TAARA Shanhan Necklace (Photo courtesy of TFH)

Artessorio Mirella Mini Crossbody (Photo courtesy of TFH)

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