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Press Release

27 September 2013

Ryan Joelson - the Art of Fashion 2012 Most Promising Designer (Courtesy of the designer)

TORONTO - The runway is set for the most sought out event of its kind: the 2013 Art of Fashion (AOF) design competition. Anticipating its 15th season, 

AOF continues to be the go-to platform for emerging designers in the Canadian Fashion Industry. The design competition will commence on Friday, September 27th, 2013, with doors opening at 6pm to VIP Guests and 8pm to the public. Designers will compete for the coveted title of Most Promising Designer, People’s Choice, and a selection of industry prizes. Each designer will play on the theme of “Past Behaviour” which will be judged by a panel of fashion insiders. The collections will be on display to the public, potential buyers, media, and industry professionals. 

"The cycle of fashion as we know is never ending and always transforming. It's ever changing, yet rarely re-invented. Through the use of colour, shape, length and style we challenge this year's designers to take from the past, and apply to the present."

Photo courtesy of AOF (Click to enlarge)

AOF has become the platform of choice for emerging designers to launch their careers in the Canadian Fashion Industry. It is the only non-for-profit Canadian organization that offers individuals an opportunity to showcase their work on a level that is recognized by both the public and fashion industry insiders. Through the organizational support of AOF, aspiring designers from across the nation are able foster career growth and gain commerciality for their collections. Art of Fashion, “the catalyst that sparks careers in Canadian fashion.” With the prospect to source fresh designers, preview new collections, and meet with industry insiders; AOF is an event not to be missed. 

“This year we are really going back to our roots, where the organization was in the beginning- having a ticketed event, exclusive access and putting the designers at the core of everything.” – Michelle Planche, Founder & President of AOF.
Source: AOF

AOF 2013 Photoshoot - Behind The Scenes

Photos courtesy of AOF (Click to enlarge)

Photo courtesy of AOF

Photo courtesy of AOF

Photo courtesy of AOF

Photo courtesy of AOF 

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