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By the fashion team at Balani Custom Clothiers

Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall 2013

Photos courtesy of Carlos Campos, Anne Touraine and LFW

Fall has officially started, and it’s time to turn our attention towards some of the men’s fashion trends that will be moving from the runway to the street. In general, you can expect to see some bold patterns and rich colors this season, as well as some classic looks that have been updated for 2013. You may have already seen some of these trends cropping up, but expect to see even more of them this fall.


Statement scarves. Although scarves have always been a popular fall accessory for men, this year you should expect to see more oversized scarves in bright colors and bold patterns, such as red and white checkers. These scarves are meant to be the focal point of an outfit, so if you adopt this look, make sure that the rest of your outfit is understated and does not have any competing patterns or clashing colors.

Yohji Yamamoto Fall/Winter 2013-14 (Photo courtesy of Anne Touraine)

Kolor Fall/Winter 2013-14 (Photo courtesy of Anne Touraine)

Upscale backpacks. The backpack is no longer just for students and hikers. Businessmen looking to update their briefcases should consider a backpack made from black leather or brown suede. For those who want another alternative, over-the-shoulder messenger bags will also be popular again this season.

Photo courtesy of Balani Custom Clothiers

Colors and Patterns

Burgundy coats and jackets. One major trend on the runway this season was lots of pieces in that deep, dark red shade known as burgundy. This is a great color for fall coats and suit jackets, if you’re looking to update your professional wardrobe. Other unisex colors, like emerald green, are also growing in popularity. Jackets in vibrant unisex colors can either be paired with matching pants or coupled with pants in a complementary color such as teal for a bolder look.

Plaid. Perhaps fueled by ‘90s nostalgia, louder plaids are cropping up everywhere this year from jackets and coats to scarves, socks, and ties. Sure, maybe the plaid suit isn’t an everyday look, but it can be a great piece when you want to make a statement. Wear a plaid suit with a quiet tie and shirt for a classy look. And plaid accessories, such as scarves, provide a safer but still stylish way to embrace this trend.

Photo courtesy of Patternbank

Slate gray. The fact that many men wear gray suits isn’t exactly breaking news, but a lighter-colored slate gray kept surfacing on the runway this year. This shade is a great transitional look when going from the typically brighter colors of summer to the more subdued colors of fall and winter, and it’s in the popular unisex palette mentioned above.

Pants and Shirts

Turtlenecks. This high-necked style has had its up and downs over the years, but it will be prominent again this fall (and it’s also a fairly practical choice, if you live in a colder climate). To make the most of this look, pair a bright or light-colored turtleneck with a darker pea coat. If you’re tired of wearing ties to work all the time, you can also pair a turtleneck with a suit jacket for a sophisticated look.

Photo courtesy of Balani Custom Clothiers

Cuffed pants. For a casual look, cuffed denim jeans look great with brown oxfords. However, you should also consider cuffing your pleated suit pants this season (a tailor can help you make sure this looks good if you’re concerned about making adjustments to your suit).

Cropped pants. These are pants that end above the ankle, and wearing them well takes some effort. At their worst, they can make it look like the wearer accidentally shrunk them in the wash or borrowed them from his shorter younger brother. To make the look more fashionable, try pairing cropped pants with high-topped shoes or patterned socks.

Slim tailored pants. Your pants don’t need to be skintight, but you certainly can’t go amiss by tailoring them with a narrow leg. The fitted look is still very much in style this fall, and it goes particularly well with solid, chunkier dress shoes or boots.

Carlos Campos Fall /Winter 2013 (Photo courtesy of Carlos Campos)


Belted suits. There was a lot of military inspiration on the major runways this year, and one thing that entailed was belts on the waists of suit jackets. This can either mean an actual belt, subtly cinched to a jacket somewhat like the belt of a pea coat or trench coat, or the illusion of a belt, created through contrasting colors and lines on the suit jacket. 

Three piece suits. This certainly isn’t a new look, but the classic style still has a strong presence this season. Some designers have added inspiration by designing three piece suits with a retro, safari, military, or futuristic edge.

Photo courtesy of Balani Custom Clothiers


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