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Where Style Meets Functionality

Photo courtesy of Quill & Tine

Quill & Tine, Canada’s luxury touchscreen glove brand, available in over 30 retail locations in North America, officially arrived in-store and online in October, 2013.

The men’s and women’s glove collection reflects a focus on finer sartorial details balanced with urban sensibilities by offering an array of styles; from dress to driving gloves, to more fashion-forward short and moto-styled gloves. The use of cashmere, lambswool, silk, ponyskins, supple lambskin, and handstitched detailing offers a warm, richly textured and epicurean palette.

“Quill & Tine was born from a desire to bridge the artisanal traditions of the past with the ingenuity of modern innovations,” says co-designer Richard Kang-Choo. “We set out to develop beautifully created leather gloves that could interface with touchscreen devices without the use of conductive materials that would otherwise compromise on craftsmanship and aesthetic quality.”

Flare editorial featuring touchscreen Victoria Ponyskin Short Gloves (Courtesy of Quill & Tine)

Contrary to popular belief, capacitive touchscreens found on most devices do not react to heat, but rather the touch of one’s skin. Quill & Tine employs specially engineered leather on the palm-side that reproduces the human touch so that users can operate their devices without having to remove their gloves.

Quill & Tine uses only the finest Italian lambskin glove leather. The leather is specially processed with an innovative nano-technology treatment during the traditional tannery process. The feature is lasting, as it is ingrained within the leather itself. Additional benefits of the treatment result in the leather becoming water-repellent, wind-proof, and soil resistant. Each pair is individually inspected to ensure accuracy, quality, and functionality. To view current styles, please visit

Photo courtesy of Quill & Tine

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