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Valencia Fashion Week AW 2014
6 - 8 March 2014

Photos by Ugo Camera / Courtesy of Vogue Spain

VALENCIA, SPAIN - The sixteenth edition of Valencia Fashion Week (VFW) kicked off with an array of spectacular Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 ready-to-wear collections from a talented mix of young and experienced Spanish designers.

Fashion label Guillermo del Mar opened its show with a tribute to the all time favourite evergreen outfit Little Black Dress. Titled as LBD, the range included several breathtaking interpretations of the timeless attire, made from yards of luxurious tulle and silk, with varied hem lengths and necklines.

Photo courtesy of Valencia Fashion Week

Designs by Guillermo del Mar

Designs by Guillermo del Mar (Photos courtesy of VFW)

Womenswear label JDYS’ designer Roberto Bassi took inspiration from water, the unbound free-flowing source of all lives, for his latest designs. Titled as Agua Liberada (meaning Water Released), the collection was made from tissue, wool, tweed, nylon, leather and double-faced cotton. Replete with both clothing and accessories like handbags, the minimalist-pattern adorned pieces were based in hues of black, gray, brown and white.

Designer Alexis Carballosa dedicated his latest collection Volitat, which translates to Hovering in English, to the endangered birds. The women’s ensembles were entirely made from eco-friendly materials.

Scheduled to run till March 8, 2014, the current VFW calendar includes a total number of four shows and two exhibitions from fifteen fashion designers.

Alexis Carballosa

Photos by Ugo Camera

Photos by Ugo Camera

De la Rue

Photos by Ugo Camera

Photos by Ugo Camera

Roberto Bassi by JDYS

Photos by Ugo Camera

Alejandro Resta

Photos by Ugo Camera

Guillermo del Mar

Photos by Ugo Camera

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