Tuesday, April 29, 2014


By Lynda Castonguay

Schwarzkopf’s Professional
OSIS+ Hair Products

Photos courtesy of Schwarzkopf

My pronunciation of the brand may be a little shaky, but what I can pronounce is what’s most important - my satisfaction with their products. On trial these past few weeks have been Schwarzkopf’s OSIS+ Refresh Dust, a bodifying dry shampoo, Blow & Go Thick express blow dry sprays, both their sleek and volume, and Dust It, a mattifying powder. Beyond the catchy names lie some really great salon exclusive hair products for a range of needs and wants. 

Confession: I have nice hair. It’s healthy and it’s soft and it takes me under a minute to brush it out after a shower - women everywhere know that this is golden. It dries pretty quickly, it holds colour really well and for long, and it grows like a weed (the latter is a blessing and a curse). But fine hair isn’t all fun and fancy. It means styling is difficult and doesn’t hold. It means fine strands of hair always flouncing around my face and me constantly touching my hair. This creates greasy hair, which then means daily showers. The latter, I refuse.

Refresh Dust (Photo courtesy of Schwarzkopf)

Dry shampoos have naturally, then, become a staple in my life. Different brands have come and gone. Some spray on white and stay on white - the appearance of faux gray hair is not my beauty aim. Others spray on clear but do not work worth a darn. They don’t soak up any of the oil as per their product description. The only thing they soak up is my time giving these products the benefit of the doubt, but to no avail. The Refresh Dust, however, is strong in purpose and clear in colour. It sprays on strong and remains unseen. It does the trick when a shower just isn’t feasible and it also pumps up my hair with some extra volume and added texture. 

Dust It (Photo courtesy of Schwarzkopf)

When my fine strands go astray and seemingly can’t be tamed, I use the Dust It mattifying powder. It goes on nothing like I thought a powder would and what these white particles do is create a textured surface to my hair to allow them to remain still and styled. It’s a great mid day touch up to rely on.

The honest truth: my go to products now are the Express Dry Sprays. As the name dictates, applying this spray on your wet hair shaves some time off your blow dry. My hair already dries in a ridiculously short time so to notice it dry quicker is pretty fantastic. Time is of the essence and we can always use less of it for prep and more of it to relax.

The volume spray, what can I say. Giving my hair dimension is quite the undertaking so naturally, I didn’t think a light spray could do such a thing. My hair can sit pretty plain and flat but this spray gives it some character. It didn’t give me bouncy bombshell volume, but it did give my roots some welcomed lift. 

Blow & Go Thick (Photo courtesy of Schwarzkopf)

With already sleek hair, the sleek spray seemed rather pointless. I couldn’t see it making much of a difference but that joke was on me. It renders my hair a cleaner sleek. Split ends are less of a nuisance and the shine is salon privileged. 

It can be difficult to swim the saturated beauty market for hair products that do what they say. Hopefully my tried, tested, and true experience with Schwarzkopf’s products will help you zero in on what works for you. 

Peruse their website for more information: Schwarzkopf Professional

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