Wednesday, July 23, 2014


By Lynda Castonguay

Is there an Ecco in here? 
Ecco Spring/Summer 2014

Photos courtesy of Ecco

TORONTO - The doors to Brill Communications were graciously opened up for me to have a personal preview of Ecco’s spring summer collection. It was a preview long overdue - through no fault but my own - but better late than never to have a look at what was their ode to their Scandinavian roots and a testament to their philosophy: form follows function.

Together as one but separate as four was a collection of collections of monochromatic flats, wedges, sneakers and sandals in supple leathers and suedes. Each in their own worlds of blues, reds, browns, neons and black, these four small scaled collections were a blended family. 

Photo courtesy of Ecco

Neon yellow smoker shoes were that little bit of relaxed ingredient. The rubber soled golf hybrid brogue in white and shimmery taupe brought the athleticism without necessarily the athlete; unlike the PGA golfers who routinely wear Ecco shoes on the course. A suede strappy wedge in yellow and purple brought summer colours to life. Laser cut details were free & easy in a red suede shoe, a silver flat, and a thick camel heel, perfect for the office and presswork.

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Photos courtesy of Ecco

Ecco’s aim is to give women what they want and what they need, but also part of their parcel is to provide what the foot needs and as a woman who has suffered many moments in painful shoes I can testify, so help me God, that women do not always want what the foot needs. Ecco’s collections are, one after the other, attempts of closing this gap between comfort and style and making them one possible and squashing this misnomer of a comfortable heel. To do so, this time around, they incorporated cool elements such as contrast lacing, cut out details and heels of comfort proportions all complimented by the Ecco science of design and shape. 

It was a fairly quiet collection with muted designs and sole-minded heel heights. Neither loud nor outspoken, spring summer was tranquil in spite of the pops of colour. The result: a quiet form of excellence.

Photos courtesy of Ecco

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