Thursday, August 28, 2014


By Eva Fydrych

NEW AXE Gold & Dark Temptation
The Lab :15

Photo courtesy of Axe

"What’s your temptation? Give in to New AXE Gold Temptation or classic Dark Temptation. You know you want to."

Axe Gold Temptation extends the brand's most popular fragrance, Dark Temptation, launched in 2008. It is first-ever brand's extension of an existing fragrance and it is followed by an interesting ad campaign that is very different than anything done before.

"The idea was that chocolate is pretty irresistible, and we've developed a fragrance that was as irresistible as chocolate," said Matthew McCarthy, Axe senior marketing director. "Gold Temptation is really built on the insight that temptation between boys and girl has many facets. It's not just a sexual temptation."

Look inside the AXE Lab, and conduct your own research with NEW AXE Gold & Dark Temptation...

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