Thursday, November 13, 2014


By Eva Fydrych

Jewelry with a Difference

Fingerprint Flower Necklace - Silver/Vermeil (Photo courtesy of Meleona) Click to enlarge

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - There is nothing we enjoy more than discovering new products that are both stylish and unique, and introducing them to Fashion Studio Magazine readers! Meleona, a small company based in Vienna, offers beautiful handmade jewellery for every occasion. From rings, earrings and bracelets to chains, pendants and necklaces - all products have premium quality and exquisite design.

Every brand sold on goes through a special selection process to meet the strict criteria set by the founders. The brand's story, uniqueness, quality and professionalism are all taken into consideration before being accepted on board and introduced to the customer. Current brands include elegant F.N.U.E., founded by designer Halley Barney, deluxe fashion pieces by Rodrigo Otazu, and eclectic, Italian-based Maiden-Art.

What makes Meleona different from other online marketplaces? First of all their exceptional quality - all items come from professional jewellers while still being handmade. Secondly, unique design that is not only fashionable, but also hard to buy anywhere else.


Free jewellery packaging, free worldwide shipping, convenient payments methods and 30 days returns - all those elements make shopping on Meleona exactly what it should be: an easy and fun experience!

Editor's Picks:

Starcrazy Bracelet, Maiden-Art Boutique (Photo courtesy of Meleona)

Heart & Soul Earrings (Photo courtesy of Meleona)


Latest addition to Meleona's already impressive collection is OTAZU, a brand founded in 1991 by a visionary designer Rodrigo Otazu. Starting off with luxurious costume jewellery, Rodrigo went on to work in theatre and film. His designs encompass influences from architecture, travel, fashion, music and the arts resulting in a strong creative vision and distinctive style.

Hurry up as selected OTAZU designs are now 50% off!

Perfect for the Festive Season:

Silver plated OTAZU necklace (Photo courtesy of Meleona)

This gorgeous floral necklace made with Swarovski Elements will make you shine at every party! Limit other accessories to a minimum and put your hair in a bun for a maximum wow-effect. Make this festive season one to remember...



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