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By Lynda Castonguay

How I got my groove back

Photos by Lynda Castonguay (2,3) and courtesy of Raw Juice Guru

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a documentary that follows the journey of Australian entrepreneur, Joe Cross, as he sets out on a 60 day juice cleanse as a hopeful means to cure his body of ailments he believes were brought on by his poor eating and poor health. His gut instinct was right. On nothing but a diet of his mean green juice, Joe lost 100 pounds. His health bounced steadily back and so too did the pep in his step. 

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is the documentary that got me into juicing. It is the documentary that lead my parents to buy me a Breville Juicer for my 30th birthday and it is also the documentary that lead me to Raw Juice Guru.

Raw Juice Guru is a Toronto based juice company that offers cold pressed, raw, organic, non-preservative, GMO-free juices in over nine hundred different live enzyme packed recipes for your body’s enjoyment. Backed by the degree and certificate clad Eliane Bejjani, Founder and Owner, their mission is to undo the many years of advertent and inadvertent harm done to our systems. They promote re-energizing and resetting your digestive tract through various cleanses:

“Juicing is one of the most powerful healing tools available. Fresh juices will supply your body with concentrated enzymes and nutrients needed for the nourishment and regeneration of your body’s cells, glands, tissues, and organs. Also, your body can absorb larger amounts of nutrients from live juices than from solid foods because the process of digestion that is required when you eat whole foods is bypassed.”

Photo by Lynda Castonguay

Fashion Week was fast approaching and I wanted to be impossibly fresh and renewed for that week of mayhem, so I embarked on a three day cleanse with Raw Juice Guru.

The juices are as individual as you are. Raw Juice Guru has you fill out a questionnaire asking such things as your eating habits, certain food consumptions and any food allergies and dislikes. Then, with their infinite wisdom, they determine which foods will best remedy your body and customize juices to your gut. 

Delivered to you daily in the ungodly hours of the morning are six fresh juices and two small elixirs. Thankfully they do not wake you and just leave a cooler pack seated at your mailbox or door.

Energy and excitement is high on the first day. You’re proud and ecstatic that you’re doing something so amazing for your body and nothing will bring you down. That is until juice seven is so strong with ginger you end up dumping it out; not before playing a cruel trick on your colleagues of course. One gagged, the other chased it down with stale potato chips to mask the painful taste of the burning ginger. Enough said.

Photo by Lynda Castonguay

The one less juice on day one left me with some hunger. That hunger then trickled into day two, and into that day’s evening, I could no longer bare it. I caved. I dove my hand into a tub of organic hummus and ate a handful of the chick pea spread. The guilt, oh the guilt! I was alone yet the shame was so visible on my face like I had been caught red handed. Red handed with hummus that is.

That incident aside, everything else was worth it. The juices were delicious. Each one was flavourful and different from the last. In the span of 72 hours, I had someone’s year’s worth of fruits and vegetables and my body sure was thanking me for it. With daily doses of kale, spinach, cucumber, ginger, apple, lemon, beets, orange, romaine, fennel, pineapple, and coconut water etc., how could it not. 

My three days were physically enlightening. My body felt restored and my mind felt rested. After a cleanse, you become so aware of how your body reacts to certain foods. You are re-introducing them into your system and you experience a clean slate reaction to what your body likes, dislikes, can or cannot handle. That, in and of itself, is worth doing a cleanse. 

Photo by Lynda Castonguay

It is as much a psychological game as it is a physical one. The urge to chew can become rather strong, which does open you up to cheating, but know that it does subside.

If you told someone in their fraternity years that you were embarking on a liquid diet, they would think of something entirely different. Perhaps it is a result of those years that we need this kind of boost to our system. A cleanse of three, five, or sixty days is not for everyone, but these individual juices are. They can benefit any eating regimen, so consider incorporating a glass of their mean green juice into your day. Be your own version of Joe Cross. Not fat. Not sick. And not nearly dead. 

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