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By Lynda Castonguay

Jorge Joao
Toronto Fashion Week’s Hair Guru

Photos courtesy of Redken and (Click to enlarge)

TORONTO - In his video prelude to his 20 year anniversary show at World Mastercard Fashion Week, David Dixon said that any person who claims to be self-made is a liar because so many other people are involved in their success. I would agree. I’m sure others in the room agreed. And Redken’s lead hair stylist Jorge Joao also agrees.

Jorge has been leading the hair styling team at Toronto’s fashion weeks for seven years now and he knows very well the camaraderie and team work needed for a show’s complete success. I met up with him backstage before the Kania runway presentation to talk about this creative process and, of course, all things hair.

Photo courtesy of Redken

The Process

Fashion week is first and foremost about the clothes, but the garments themselves can only take the designer’s story so far. In comes hair, make-up, styling and music. These additional elements really substantiate the designer’s narrative and take it on a more sensory direction.

A couple weeks before fashion week, Jorge and lead make-up artist, Grace Lee, meet with the designers to understand the direction of their collection. Once that is understood, Jorge creates a look that will embellish their collection. He asks himself how he can take their idea further and any hair style that does not answer this question is shelved for another day, another designer. Jorge is adamant about not pushing a hair style on a designer that is irrelevant to their collection. It is not about looks he is personally anxious to try, but about welding their worlds together to create the perfect story telling.

Guido, Redken Global Creative Director

Hair Trends

What we’re seeing more of this season are cleaner and tighter looks, according to Jorge. There is a little more refinement than past seasons with their messy locks. Braids, he says, are also a fashion week staple. In strands of two, three, four, five and maybe six, braids are being re-invented for the modern woman. For this style, he recommends Redken’s Braid Aid 03. The serum adds texture to help with grip and hold.

Another go-to product recently added to Redken’s roster is Stay High 18, a high hold gel to mousse for volume, lift and fullness, helping limp haired women like myself bring life to their scalp and dimension to their hair.

It is with quality products and intuition that Jorge dominates hair styling for the busy week. Such keen sense was recognized by FASHION magazine as he won Best Hair at the Fashion Magazine Awards after the whole week was said and done. And deservedly so.

Photo courtesy of Redken

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