Friday, May 29, 2015


By Naomi Shaw

8 Makeup Tips
To Refresh Your Look in 2015

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Every year your beauty bag is in need of a bit of refreshment so that you maintain gorgeousness, stay up-to-date with beauty innovation, and flaunt a flawless complexion. Here are some of the best makeup tips and trends that you should sneak into your beauty routine this year.

Holiday Skin

You know that feeling when you return from holiday refreshed and look it, too? That’s one of the most popular beauty trends for the year, and it’s surprisingly easy to achieve skin that’s renewed and healthy - without the two-week seaside vacation! The key is to apply peach concealer to skin in the corners of your eyes and blend it outwards. It warms up your complexion while shifting under-eye black clouds from view. You can also dab clear gloss to areas of your skin that you want to attract light, such as your cheekbones, to make your skin glow instantly.

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Eye-Catching Eyes 

Staying in the eye area, a popular beauty trend this year is to be bolder with your eyeliner. Give that black pencil a rest with a dash of color instead, such as neon orange, blue, or white. This forms part of the sci-fi beauty trend that makes use of bright slashes of color and it can work in daily life. The key is to keep the rest of your face minimal. You don’t have to line the pencil all around your eyes - a swipe of color on the eyelids or just underneath your eyes is enough to make a fashionable statement.

Electric Lips

If you love flaunting the season’s hottest lip colors, you should know that bold reds, rich wines, and berry shades are set to light up this summer. How they’re applied is what makes the difference this year, though. You want to apply the color with a brush or your fingertip, making it soft around the edges to give your lips a sultry and kissable look. 

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Nailed in Style

One of the hottest nail trends this year is to update the classic French tips. Two lines of color on the tips look subtle yet pretty, but you can also keep the nails in a solid color and draw a line across the middle of the nail instead of the tips for a fun twist to the trend. Adding a line of a metallic color to the moons of your manicure is also striking. These trends will ensure that your nails look their best so you can flaunt all your pretty diamond and gemstone rings to their full potential.

Bright Skin

More and more people are using skin brightening and lightening products to get more luminous skin, but they’re also becoming more aware of what is in their products. Hydroquinone, which has been banned in many countries, is being given the cold shoulder in favour of safer, more natural lightening products to tackle pigmentation and sun damage. The idea is to nourish your skin and look after it while erasing signs of discoloration effectively so you can make the most of bright, healthy skin that’s always in fashion.

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Match Made in Style Heaven

You might not think about matching makeup to your clothing, but matching just one makeup product to something you’re wearing can make your look much more put together. So, if you’re wearing red shoes or a handbag, match it to your fiery lipstick. Little touches like these make your style so much more sophisticated and eye-catching. 

Skin-Savvy Makeup

This year more makeup products are boasting skincare benefits - think lipsticks that are packed with moisturizing elements and mascaras that contain antioxidants. When shopping for new beauty products, look for ones that contain natural, healthy ingredients to ensure your skin is nourished from within long after you’ve slathered on your daily moisturizer. The idea is to be pretty while caring for your skin so that your beauty won’t budge.

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Refined Bronze 

Bronzer is an important product to use when contouring so that you bring your face structure to the fore, but before you drizzle it onto your skin bear in mind that this year bronzer comes in small doses. You want to dab the product onto the apple of your cheeks as you would blush, and then carefully blend it out along the cheekbone. Choose a creamy bronze product with a slight shimmer in it so that it won’t dry out your skin like one with a powdery consistency. Fresh-faced glamour is the name of the game.

Stay ahead of the trends this year and rejuvenate your makeup box with these tips to maintain effortless but striking beauty.


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