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By Naomi Shaw

Minimal Jewelry That Will Make a Big Statement

Photos courtesy of Pinterest, scullyandscully.com, Marc Jacobs

Sometimes it’s the simplest jewelry that makes the biggest statement. Whilst too much bling can overwhelm the eye, a single, standout piece draws it in, focuses it, giving your ostensibly simple accessory an instant “wow” factor. For a summer look that speaks for itself, try out the following minimal jewelry designs: 

Bold Cuff Bracelets

Bold cuff bracelets are all the rage this season (think Cleopatra-style). Worn without the distraction of other accessories, these thick bands create an instant focal point. For casual wear, choose a copper cuff. For evening wear, opt for a silver or gold piece. You’ll be amazed by how much attention your simple piece draws. If plain metal just isn’t your style, that’s fine too. There are a wide range of artisan cuff bracelets on the market, featuring everything from glimmering diamonds to sultry emeralds. As an added bonus, these thick bracelets have a slimming effect, making arms and wrists look instantly elongated and slender. 

Photo courtesy of fashionara.com

Torque Necklaces

Torque necklaces are back, and they’re hotter than ever. This classic Celtic style has popped up throughout history, bringing to mind warrior-maids, kings, and princesses. Suitable for just about any occasion, this style is absolutely stunning worn alone, working best without the distraction of other pieces. Torques look great in unornamented bronze, silver, and gold, but are also popular in gemstone-accented designs. Many torques are crafted to feature a single gemstone at either end, a style that is perfect for evening-wear. Some more elaborate pieces ever feature gemstones along the body of the torque, creating a vivid finish that looks perfect with any little black dress. 

Animal Jewelry

Animal jewelry can make a bold statement if worn the right way--but what is the right way? Well, save the butterflies, dragonflies, and horses for little girls. This season’s animal jewelry is all about snakes, scorpions, and wolves. Add a touch of personality to any ensemble with a snake wrap ring (think Mary-Louise Parker), or a simple scorpion pendant. Looking for a bracelet? Native American jewelry often features wolves, bears, and other predators. Crafted by a wide variety of independent artisans, these attractive pieces are frequently designed with eye-catching combinations of silver turquoise, coral, and onyx. 

Photo courtesy of favim.com

Hand Chains

Worn looped around the wrist and the middle finger or ring finger, hand chains are taking the fashion world by storm. Also known as slave bracelets, these interesting pieces come in a wide variety of designs. For a relaxed, hipster look, choose a leather-woven chain set with natural stones such as turquoise, larimar, or tiger’s eye. For the perfect night-out look, choose a gold or silver chain interwoven with Swarovski crystals or precious gems. 

Signet Rings

Bold, fun, and meaningful, signet rings are generally set with the wearer’s initials or family crest. Similar in size to class rings, signet rings are a great conversation piece, and tend to draw a lot of attention. Traditionally used to authenticate letters, signet rings combine history with fashion. You can have a signet ring custom-made by your jeweler, or even search eBay for an authentic crest from your family’s history!

Photo courtesy of novica.com

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