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Bringing Together Great Minds For Great Ideas

Photo courtesy of The WEDGE Asia

The Wedge Asia Launches First Networking Night To Build A Conscious Community 

SINGAPORE, 9 June 2015 - The WEDGE Asia today announces it’s first ever Networking Night, Content is King, to bring together great minds to share great ideas. Held on 25 June 2015 from 7PM onwards at The Co, the event will highlight the use of content marketing in growing businesses and the importance of a unique online presence. The WEDGE Asia would like to extend a warm invitation to you. 

Headlining ‘Content is King’ are Stephanie Chai, entrepreneur and Founder, The Luxe Nomad, Asia Pacific’s leading luxury hotel booking portal, and Peter Bakker, Commercial Director Asia, King Content, recognized globally for its award-winning end- to-end content marketing strategies. The duo will discuss developing a unique voice online, maneuvering the digital landscape and amplifying messages to the right audience. 

Stylish venue - The Co. Singapore (Photo courtesy of The WEDGE Asia)

Photo courtesy of The WEDGE Asia

The WEDGE Asia champions sustainability, in life, thought, business, society and the environment, where success is driven by the impact made on others and oneself. “We want to bring people together to carve a better future, to be inspired by trailblazers, to share ideas, to collaborate, to know that they’re not alone in the long run,” says Stephanie Dickson, Founder of The WEDGE Asia. 

The first in its series of Professional Networking Sessions that aim to help working executives think out of the box and challenge their pre-conceived ideas, The WEDGE Asia aims to help their community make mindful decisions to give everyone a slice of the good life. They do this through three key ‘slices’: 

1) Knowledge: Through stories, experiences and advice from experts and industry leaders 

2) Inspiration: For individuals to share personal anecdotes and engage with others to inspire one another 

3) Actions: For individuals to carry that mindset to bring about positive change in their businesses, lives and relationships 

Entrance to the event is priced at SGD 25 and tickets are available at  Tickets are inclusive of food and beverages from our Community-conscious partners: a bento box from Grain, a cold pressed organic juice from Antidote and deserts from Once Upon A Table. 

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Photo courtesy of The WEDGE Asia (Click to enlarge)

Photo courtesy of The WEDGE Asia

The WEDGE Asia 

Singapore-based Conscious Community & Professional Network, The WEDGE, is a conscious community, bringing like-minded individuals together to be change leaders, where they share knowledge, are inspired by pioneers and take small actions to make big differences. 

They run a series of monthly events for entrepreneurs, business owners and corporates to meet like-minded individuals through networking sessions, engaging encounters and motivational talks on trending topics. 

The Co 

The Co. Singapore is a revolutionary co-working and office workspace concept located in the heart of the central business district. Created to support the business community in Singapore, The Co. is a stylishly designed ecosystem of different workspaces in a single building. 

The Co.’s central philosophy is to provide a space that adds value to its members – it is a place for collaboration, bringing like-minded professionals together to become part of a professional community driven by high growth companies and industry veterans. The Co. regularly hosts networking events, workshops, and conferences tailored to the needs or interests of their customers.

Photo courtesy of The WEDGE Asia

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