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By Eva Fydrych

Men's Spring/Summer 2016

Spring/Summer 2016 (Photo courtesy of Franklin Eugene International LLC)

From the southern, sun soaked shores of Costa Adeje Spain, FRANKLIN EUGENE presents SHADES OF BLUE - a men’s wear collection inspired by the color blue in all of its simplicity, depth, and mesmerizing facets of ultramarine, cobalt, navy, Prussian blue, sky, azure, and Egyptian Blue.

The Spring/Summer 2016 Men's Wear Line, entitled FRANKLIN EUGENE SHADES OF BLUE, features a plethora of silhouettes ranging from dressy casual, corporate and formal. The SHADES OF BLUE COLLECTION was inspired by the simple complexity of the color blue. The color palette transitions from indigo blue, cobalt blue, pure blue, sky blue, ultramarine, Egyptian Blue, to a deep, rich, Prussian blue.

The silhouettes transition from the Everyman Blue subrange of cotton shirts and blue jeans to The Marcel, a rich blue tuxedo jacket with black satin finishes and coordinating rich blue formal gloves. In between the two, there is something to suit every man’s taste, including a sub-range of striking cobalt blue and white men’s cocktail shirts with coordinating trousers and shorts.

Spring/Summer 2016 (Photo courtesy of Franklin Eugene International LLC)

Each design is made with exceptional fabrics of high quality: super 100’s wool, silk, chiffon, and cotton. The Marcel, one of the fashion showpiece tuxedos in the collection, has already been featured on STYLE.COM. The FRANKLIN EUGENE SHADES OF BLUE COLLECTION is available in bespoke couture and ready to wear. Blue Wave Rehoboth, Blue Wave South Beach, Blue Wave Saint-Tropez, Gingham Ibiza, Gingham Los Angeles, and Gingham Savannah are among the numerous silhouettes in the SHADES OF BLUE range. The collection is available for viewing by appointment at the Franklin Eugene Milan Italy Showroom during Milan Men’s Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2016.

“The color blue is at once humble and noble, peaceful and strong, relaxed and dignified. We polled our male and female Franklin Eugene fans around the world and over half of them identified blue as their favorite color. With this thought in mind, I went deep in to my creative process and emerged from it with this collection inspired by blue in all of its stunning facets,” stated Eugene. 

Each item in the SHADES OF BLUE range is now available for pre-order. The collection is dedicated to IQBALUDDIN ALIYAR MOHAMED. 
Source: Franklin Eugene

Spring/Summer 2016 (Photo courtesy of Franklin Eugene International LLC)

Spring/Summer 2016 (Photo courtesy of Franklin Eugene International LLC)

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