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"Art is War" collection preview (Photos courtesy of Yahn Adam and Natalie Tan)

SINGAPORE - ART IS WAR is a collaboration project with local artists from various platform. This year, YAHN ADAM is happy to announce that we are collaborating with 2 of Singapore’s emerging Artists; they are Natalie Tan (Resident Artist at Fox & Hedgehog) and Phyllicia Wang (Photographer). We have come together to create a capsule collection based on the theme of “censorship”. 

Art presents and explores complex issues in life, and at times, challenging ourselves to see new things in new forms. With censorship, it hides the truth. With censorship, it tells us what we shouldn’t see, why we shouldn’t see it and tells us to accept it without questions. This limits artists to express their creativity and also deprives the younger generations, our Nation’s future, from understanding the complex world they live in. 

This project seeks to question censorship in the arts; a question that lies deep at the heart of a debate which raises fundamental values about just when, and on what grounds, the Government is justified in using its coercive powers to limit the creativity of local talents. 

With this project, both of our featured artists have come up with several print designs for the collection which symbolizes the tension between censorship and the freedom of expression of our homegrown talents.

Photo courtesy of Yahn Adam (Click to enlarge)

Vanda Miss Joaquim print, inspired by Singapore's National flower, designed by Natalie Tan.

“The prints for the collection are contemporary yet edgy. It’s designed for the undeterred, resilient women who dares to go against all odds yet remains elegant,” said Natalie Tan. She also added that this complements the YAHN ADAM’s principles of being bold and sophisticated for everyday wear. 

Thus, we would like to raise this public awareness message of supporting our homegrown talents and further expand our brand onto a bigger stage, that is at PURE London tradeshow. But to do so, we need your help via Pozible crowd funding.

About PURE London Tradeshow 

PURE London is UK’s leading fashion event attended by over 800 brands, emerging designers & market- leading labels which provides exhibitors & buyers with the chance to source trend-led, premium clothing and wholesale fashion from some of the international brands.

About Pozible Crowdfunding 

Pozible provides the platform for project creators to present their ideas to a connected audience, worldwide and allowing the audience to support the idea by pledging money. 

We have aimed to raise 15K from Pozible and all funds raised will go towards showcasing our Art Is War collection at PURE London tradeshow, 14 - 16 February 2016, Olympia London. For more details on the crowdfunding, kindly visit

"The Rebel" Body Armour costume by Yahn Adam

About Us

Yahn Adam is a jewellery artist, based in Singapore. Among the 12 regional finalists to represent Singapore at AUDI Star Creation, fashion contest jointly organized by Textile & Fashion Federation (Singapore), at the prestigious Audi Fashion Festival 2010, he was the only self-taught. After which, he scored a separate internship with FJ Benjamin, an international fashion distributor, where he assisted in designing RAOUL’s Spring / Summer 2011 accessory collection. 

Also, the winner for Sembonia's Bag My Style 2010 contest, where his winning bag design was sold at all Sembonia outlets & boutiques as part of its Spring Summer 2011 collection. 

In April 2012, within a year of establishment, he had the great opportunity to showcase his works alongside both local established & emerging fashion photographers such as Skye Tan & Fadhli Rahman respectively in a group exhibition, “Extreme Beauty”. The exhibition showcases the works of 8 selected artists across various disciplines. It is a collage of impactful, exaggerated forms built in to a social commentary of contemporary notions of beauty. 

His works have been previously featured in numerous publications, both online and in prints, such as DESIGNARE Magazine (Singapore), TIME OUT Magazine (Singapore), NUYOU Magazine (Singapore), MADAME FIGARO Magazine (China), Harper’s BAZAAR (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand & Malaysia), FASHION STUDIO Magazine (New York) and STATUS Magazine (The Philippines).

"The Rebel" by Yahn Adam (Photo courtesy of the designer)

Our Featured Artists
Phyllicia Wang 
The Acid 

Phyllicia exploits photography as a form of escapade, treating it as a tool to present reality. Concurrently, in 2012, her personal works saw a gradual shift in its approach where she starts manipulating her photos. She treats her medium as a mirror, to convey the outside which is equivalent to the inside. She works around the idea of equivalence in photography, as termed by Alfred Stieglitz whose works can move beyond transcription without abandoning verisimilitude. Her ultimate aspirations are that of his. 

She was recently involved in a showcase in the art space gallery at Alliance France Busan, Korea. The same series of work, entitled “Fuse”, has also been exhibited in Pingyao Photo Festival and Spotart in Singapore. She has been featured on the online platform as well that includes Culturepush and Shooting Film. Before turning into a full-time photojournalist, she worked with local fashion brands such as Elohim and Light, both by Sabrina Goh, on their campaign and catalogue shoots.

Photo courtesy of Yahn Adam

Natalie Tan 
The Activist 

Born and bred in Singapore, Natalie is the Staff Artist of Fox & Hedgehog and a freelance painter/designer. Natalie has exhibited regularly with NOISE Singapore at ION Orchard and in several National Library branches. She has been given advanced level recognition for oil painting at the Singapore Youth Festival 2014, but Fox & Hedgehog marks Natalie’s first foray into the realm of political illustration. 

Natalie is highly involved in feminist and LGBTQ rights advocacy and aims to have her art stay relevant and permeate the social sphere.

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