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The essence of beauty

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AUM when chanted long, ends in 'Amatra' - connoting the soundless form of OM. Sat-chit-ananda Svarupa in other words. Existence - Consciousness - Bliss - describes the essence of AMAATRA

AMAATRA stepped into conscious being in the summer of 2009 as a curated tribal jewellery platform. The brand name itself symbolises the ethos of the collection - temporal & eternal.

Analogically, there is a name and a temporal form for the river, but there is no such name and form of the river in the ocean, as all rivers become one in the ocean for eternity. Likewise, our jewellery is fluid in form which adapts itself effortlessly to the identity of the wearer. You feel complete and even more beautiful outside and within, in eternity.

When a woman of today adorns these timeless tribal adornments, we are in our own way, saluting the resilience of Afghani women in the rural regions, keep the traditional craftsmanship going, making their identity known across and promoting woman empowerment.

Photo courtesy of AMAATRA

The spirit in you is in sync with the spirit of our jewellery, be it an amulet, necklace, jhumkas, bangles, rings, bracelets, anklets or headwear. Each piece is lovingly handpicked and procured to reach you from the war-torn regions of Afghanistan, the land of Pashtuns, Hazaras and Turkmans.

Amaatra's patrons are multi-taskers: Whether it be the elegant housewife; caring mother; perfect hostess; woman in power. It is very satisfying to live up to their high expectations in every which role they choose to play out for any occasion.

Revel in your existence as an absolute being; love yourself in all truth; and enjoy the bliss in all consciousness of indulging yourself with our heirloom pieces.

This jewellery transcends culture, history, time and distance. Pure and simple.

Photo courtesy of AMAATRA

Deepti Arora Ahuja
Founder & Creative Head

Dreams can sometimes turn into vision and a life-long journey fuelled by passion and dedication. The young lady behind this dedicated journey herself is a contemporary woman on the go, a mother, a creative person, a designer, a perfectionist and a lover of good aesthetics. She gave up a lucrative career as a graphic designer to commence her journey. Her labour of love has grown steadily with events, exhibitions and ecommerce over the last few years. With her intuitive flair for going down the road less travelled, she has enterprising expansion plans underway, which will be unrolled in time.

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