Monday, October 12, 2015


By Inside Retail

Burberry Seoul flagship opens

Burberry Cruise 2016 collection (Photo courtesy of Burberry)

SEOUL - British luxury fashion brand Burberry has opened its first Korean flagship store in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul where the flagship stores of foreign brands are gathered in one place.

The Burberry Seoul flagship store comprises 13 storeys, two underground and 11 above. The exterior of the store is inspired by gabardine, the plaid textile used to make the brand’s iconic trench coats.

The construction of the Seoul flagship store was overseen by Christopher Bailey, the CEO and chief creative officer of Burberry.

With Burberry opening its first flagship store in Korea, interest is building over foreign brands and their flagship stores located in the Cheongdam area. In the early 2000s, flagship stores were simply thought of as ‘large scale stores’. However, flagship stores have since become more important, as they are currently thought of as symbols that represent the influence and image of a brand.

Photo courtesy of Inside Retail

In addition, the elevated status of Korea in the Asian market is another reason foreign brands are devoting themselves to building flagship stores in the Cheongdam area.

Dior opened the largest flagship store in Cheongdam in June, and other brands including Chanel and Cartier will also open new stores or move to the Cheongdam area.

“Not only the Korean market, but also the Korean consumers who buy products from a brand are considered important [to these brands],” explained an industry spokesman in Seoul. “Flagship stores will play a large role in the Korean market, letting the heritage of a brand be known.”

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