Sunday, January 3, 2016


By Inside Retail Asia 

Japan’s Miniso opens Singapore flagship

Photo courtesy of Miniso

SINGAPORE - Japanese fast fashion brand Miniso has opened new flagship stores in Singapore and Dubai as it works on a global rollout.

Miniso, founded by designer Miyake Jyunya and partner Ye Guofu, advocates the philosophy of ‘simple, natural and quality life and brand essence’ by “returning to nature and restoring product nature”. 

The brand is opening new stores at the rate of 20 to 30 a month, with China – where it made its debut in 2013 – a major focus. 

Jyunya, who attended the Singapore store opening at the Harbourfront Centre on Saturday (December 12), aims to provide “high-quality, low-priced and innovative products for global consumers”. Its stores are decorated in a fresh and natural style, establishing a service-oriented shopping environment that is finding favour with consumers.

Photo courtesy of Miniso

Jyunya described the Singapore and Dubai openings as “a major milestone in the company’s globalisation strategy”. 

“As one of the most developed market economies in Asia, a key services and shipping hub and the fourth global financial center after New York, London and Hong Kong, Singapore is an important destination for Miniso’s first international venture. Singaporean consumers have always been sensitive to changes in fashion, a philosophy built on and shared by Miniso,” the company said in a statement.

Dubai likewise is a significant location in the global services and retail sector and serves to highlight the newly established reach of the Miniso brand in addition to its ability to expand into developed markets.”

In future, Miniso plans to continue to actively explore internationally, with the aim of offering a new generation of consumers an alternative to high-level retail through quality products at affordable prices.

After its expansion into Singapore and Dubai, the company will turn its attention to Europe and eventually the rest of the world, “evolving into a superior international brand enjoyed and talked about by consumers everywhere”.

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