Monday, January 4, 2016


By Eva Fydrych


Photo courtesy of Penningtons

Have you heard what’s the biggest trend for 2016? It’s simply being yourself. After years of trying to achieve all those impossible beauty ideals, now it’s the perfect time to embrace who you are and learn how to appreciate it. Everyone has something unique about themselves, why are we always trying to change the way we look instead of just being who we are?

So this January, how about making a totally new list of New Year’s resolutions and concentrating on things that really matter? How about learning to accept the real you - with all the flaws and imperfections - and finally getting rid of all the insecurities and things that are holding you back.

The real happiness has more to do with confidence and feeling good in your own skin than chasing the so called “perfect look”. Once you learn how to focus your attention on things that you like, you will be able to stop worrying about everything else.

This year, try to love yourself more and spend time doing things you enjoy. Start collecting experiences instead of things. Accept yourself instead of constantly trying to be someone else. Work on your mind and your personality - everything will fall into place once you have the right attitude.

"Be Yourself" by Mikael Jansson for Vogue US January 2016

As advocates for body diversity and size acceptance, Penningtons is proud to release the new #iwontcompromise YouTube video campaign on January 4th, 2016. The movement celebrates doing what you love, wearing what makes you feel good, and being who you are without compromise. 

As actions speak louder than words, this campaign looks to show society that a body, no matter what size, is capable of anything. Stigmas and stereotypes do nothing but hinder potential and happiness. Everyone is invited to participate in the conversation and share their stories of strength, happiness and inspiration.

Watch the video below!

In the latest issue of American Vogue, “Be Yourself!” is the main motto not only for this month, but also for the whole year. Instead of featuring the new season’s directions in a typical picture-perfect fashion editorial, they found people with different looks and life paths, and dressed them in a way that is far away from superperfect and superpolished. Real people wearing real clothes…

A celebration of individuality, optimism and liberalism could also be seen in many designer collections for Spring/Summer 2016. And this trend goes far beyond fashion.

“Welcome to the revolution! Fashion, following the world at large, embraces a new era of inclusion and diversity and FREEDOM.” - says Vogue in their January 2016 issue.

So don’t wait any longer. Just be yourself and have as much fun as possible. It’s a liberating and life changing experience. Good luck! 

Photo courtesy of Penningtons



  1. Very nice article. Well written and professional. I too #wontcompromise I KNOW what I want this year and I WILL go after it. I no longer care what people have to say or what they think. I'm going to do what I want for me.

    All the best to you #girlpower !


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