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The HUB Shanghai
9 - 11 April 2016

Photo courtesy of The HUB Shanghai

SHANGHAI, CHINA - The HUB’s upcoming 6th Edition is just around the corner. From April 9th to 11th, during Shanghai Fashion Week, The HUB will hold its second show in Shanghai, while concurrently organizing and hosting a very special fashion presentation. Both events will take place in the same venue, thus ensuring even more exposure and connections to buyers and industry players from China and the region. Online registration is now open.

The HUB 的第6届即将来临。4月9号到11号,上海时装周期间,The HUB将会举办在上海的第二个展会,同时也将会有一场非常特别的时尚盛典。两个活动都将在同一个场地,来保证更多的曝光度,以及与来自上海和其他地方的买手和行业人士进行交流。 线上注册已经开始。

The HUB 在上海的新场地

The HUB will take place in Arts & Design Centre, formerly known as Lafayette Cinema. This fantastic multi-level building is an Art Deco-inspired work of art by Hungarian-Slovak architect Laszlo Hudec during the 1930s. Today, it is a cultural centre focused on promoting exchanges between Shanghai and the international arts community. 

The HUB 将在拉法耶艺术设计中心举办,它的前身是拉法耶剧院。这个妙绝的多层建筑是一个来自斯洛伐克-匈牙利裔建筑师,Laszlo Hudec,在20世纪30年代以Art Deco为灵感而创作的杰出作品。今天,它成为了一个关注在上海与世界艺术社区交流的文化中心。

Photo courtesy of The HUB Shanghai


Following on from the success of the last edition of The HUB in Shanghai and previous catwalk events organised and presented by The HUB in Hong Kong, we will be presenting a world class fashion presentation for a select group of internationally recognised designers with the support of GREAT and UKTI. Both The HUB and this special presentation will take place at Arts & Design Centre. Full details of this event will be announced shortly.

紧随The HUB 成功地在上海举办了上一届展会,以及延续之前在香港由The HUB组织承办的时装秀,我们在这一届将会选择一批备受世界媒体关注的设计师们来举办一场世界级的时尚盛典,并由GREAT和UKTI支持。活动的细节将会在稍后揭晓。

Photo courtesy of Drifter


Established in 2001, Drifter is an American brand proudly designed and made in Compton, California. Its innovative twists on classic designs are enhanced by luxurious materials mixed with soft touch fabrics, making their pieces ideal for a day- to-night, work-to-happy hour, transition. Check out Drifter at The HUB this April.

成立于2001年的 Drifter 是在一个美国品牌,设计、生产于加州的康普顿。它的创意基于改变经典设计,运用奢侈品材料与柔软的面料相结合,制造出日夜穿着的理想产品,从工作到生活的转变。来The HUB观看Drifter的新产品吧。

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