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By Adonia Dennis

7 Makeup Mistakes
That Will Give You a Tired Look

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Have you ever been in a situation when you’re getting ready for a romantic dinner and you noticed that even though you spent the last hour doing your makeup, you look more tired than you really are? Most of us make this mistake when doing it, without even noticing it. You should definitely avoid this makeup mistakes that will give you a tired look since you want to look fresh and not like you just woke up.

Reasons why you should avoid doing those kinds of makeup mistakes are:

  • You will look tired
  • Looking like you just woke up
  • Giving a feeling that you don’t know how to put makeup on

So if you want to impress your date or friend you’re going out with, remember to follow these examples that point you to the worst makeup mistakes that will surely give you a tired and bored look. 

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Makeup mistakes to be avoided if you don’t want to look tired:

1. Don’t use gray colored makeup

The reason behind this is because gray colored makeup gives your skin the color like you woke up. It also makes you look older than you are since it gives your skin an older looking feeling and monotone color which can be mistaken with aged skin. This is to be avoided if you want to look fresh at any occasion. 

2. Never use too much powder

The powder can make your skin look older since it will dry your skin. Moderately use powder just to get rid of that shine and as a minor cover-up. But don’t get it the wrong way, it’s not bad to use powder, but just remember not to put too much of it. 

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3. Always start with a moisturizer

When we are in a hurry, we sometimes make a mistake and don't use a moisturizer before we start applying makeup. You should always start your makeup process with a moisturizer which hydrates your skin making it look younger. If you don’t use moisturizers before you start, your skin will be dehydrated and dark circles under the eyes may even appear and we don’t want that to happen. 

4. Don’t forget the blush

Try to do a complete makeup without involving blush, and then do one with a little blush on it. What will you notice? You will look much more refreshed when adding a little swipe of blush. Make it a routine to add a little blush when you finish your makeup. 

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5. Use the correct anti-aging creams

Anti-aging creams are not part of makeup mistakes, but they can still be considered a makeup mistake if you’re using the wrong one. Plenty of anti-aging creams out there that are being marketed like the perfect skincare creams, but some of these are scams and are there just to take your money. Carefully read about the anti-aging cream you want to buy, to see if it really helps. For example Pura Bella is marketed as doing miracles when it comes to wrinkles and dry skin, but many people are having complaints about it. 

6. Overdoing your eyeliner isn’t good

It’s important to know when you overdid your eyeliner. Too much black eyeliner can make your eyes look half closed, resulting in a tired look and may make those dark circles under your eyes look worse. Only put moderate eyeliner and try to use the ones with lighter colors, since they will give you a refreshed look.

Light eyeliner at Dolce & Gabbana SS 2016 (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

7. Remember to use lipsticks

Let’s say you finished your makeup but forgot to use lipsticks. Your lips will look dried out compared to the rest of your face, and you will look like you just woke up without even drinking a glass of water. You want to avoid that, and that’s why it’s important to finish off your makeup with the correct lipstick. Chose a lipstick that goes well with the rest of your makeup, and make your lips look seductive at all times. 

Whenever you plan on doing makeup remember to skip these mistakes since they will surely do you no good. Not doing proper makeup will result, from leaving the dark circles under the eyes, not covering your wrinkles, to leaving your lips looking dry. Avoid bad anti-aging creams , and don’t overdo on dark eyeliners. For the end, never forget that swipe of blush to complete your makeup, and then you will look fresh and ready to start a new day. 

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