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How to Make The Color-block Trend
Work For Your Lifestyle

Marni color-block long-sleeved dress

For those of you who want to make a statement but prints are not your thing, fret not. Remember how Yves Saint Laurent first introduced us to color-blocking in the sixties and took the fashion world by storm with his Mondrian inspired shift dress? It was a time of pushing boundaries, self-expression and redefining fashion. Fashion elements like mod, minimalism, and bold colors that burst into the scene have never really left us, and continue to inspire runway looks today. Here, we show you some ways to make color-blocking work for your lifestyle.

The Creative: Mix and Match

Photos courtesy of ZALORA Community (Click to enlarge)

If you're a creative, you know the clothes you wear say a lot about you. Experimenting with silhouettes can get pretty challenging, and color blocking allows us to keep to simple silhouettes while still playing up our personality with color, so use it to your advantage. Full up, bold color-blocking can be a little overwhelming, so mix things up with neutrals like black, grey or white.

Photos courtesy of ZALORA Community

Marni Spring/Summer 2016 (Photo courtesy of the designer)

Christopher Kane and Gucci SS 2016 fashion shows (Photos courtesy of Marie Claire)

The Active: Work Those Curves and Lines

Photos courtesy of ZALORA Community

For all you fitness bunnies out there, a splash of color is perfect for bringing up your energy levels. Color-blocking is synonymous with activewear, and your options are endless. It is perfect for creating optical illusions in your favor, so pay attention to the placement of color when styling.

A block of black down the side of your workout leggings can help to create an illusion of slimmer and longer legs. Look for pieces with panels that flatter your body type. You want to be accentuating your figure, not bringing attention to all the wrong places. Play with lines.

Photos courtesy of ZALORA Community

Outside of the gym, try a fitted dress with panels that accentuate your curves and flaunt that toned figure of yours. After all, you worked hard for it.

The Glamorous: Analogous Hues

Photos courtesy of ZALORA Community

You’re always at the top of your game and turn heads wherever you go. The star of every party, your allure is undeniable and you’re all about owning it. So display your confidence and let yourself take center stage. Be bold with colors, but remove distractions and keep everyone’s attention on you by dressing in analogous or all one hue.

ISA ARFEN color-block jumpsuit

The Corporate: Subdued Colors & Tone-on-Tone

Photos courtesy of ZALORA Community

For the fashion-forward, corporate worker, the nature of your work might require you to stick to a more conservative palette. If you find it hard to stray from classics and neutrals, opt for monochromatic or subdued hues. Tone-on-tone is one of the most straightforward ways to achieve that sophisticated, contemporary look. And if you’re feeling up for it, add a little edge to your look by accessorizing with a pop of color.

What color-blocking style works best for your lifestyle? Do you have any other ideas on how to work the trend? Share with us in the comments box below!

Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2016 (Photo courtesy of Harper's Bazaar)

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