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By Eva Fydrych

Celebrating African Music & Culture
in the heart of Toronto

Photos courtesy of Lynda Thalie, Afforest, and by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

TORONTO, ON - One of our favourite music events is back! Afrofest 2016 is taking place on 9th & 10th July in Woodbine Park, Toronto.

Afrofest is a free outdoor festival featuring music, dance, mouth-watering food, and a large bustling marketplace showcasing emerging fashion designers.

The full program of the 28th edition of the festival was presented on 16th June 2016 at the Gladstone Hotel. The press conference was followed by music performances by Amadou Kienou (Burkina Faso), Donne Roberts (Madagascar), and Afrafranto (Ghana / Canada).

This year's highlights include: Ruff-N-Smooth from Ghana, Lynda Thalie (a Canadian singer-songwriter of Algerian origin), Black Parents from Haiti, and Emmanuel Jal from Sudan.

AFROFEST 2016 Promo

AFROFEST 2016 Promo


Afro Pop duo, Ruff-N-Smooth, is a Ghanaian music group which was formed in 2007 but released their first major single in 2008. Ever since they have been on the rise with 6 International awards to their credit and counting.

The group  is made up of two individuals, Clement Foh Baah  and  Ricky Nana Agyeman, popularly known in the showbiz as Ahkan (Smooth)  and  Bullet (Ruff).

Their debut album as a group, “Life is rough and smooth”, in 2009 has the ever popular song, ‘Swagger’ which turned out to be a rebirth of these young musicians.

The group has performed across the globe with tours in South Africa (Big Brother Africa 2010), UK (London), France, Norway, USA, Canada, and Germany.
Source: Music Africa


Video Courtesy of Ruff-N-Smooth

Lynda Thalie

Video courtesy of Lynda Thaile

Saturday 9 July

DJ FlowMaster (Kenya) 12:00 PM
Beyond Sound (Multinational) 1:00 PM
New Tradition (Africa/Latin America) 2:00 PM
Nhapitapi (Zimbabwe) 3:30 PM
Nati Haile (Ethiopia) 4:45 PM 
Toto Guillaume (Cameroon) 6:15 PM
Black Parents (Haiti) 7:45 PM
Djouna "Big One" Mumbafu & Moto Tia (Congo) 9:15 PM

Sunday 10 July

DJ Biggy (Ethiopia) 11:30 PM
Ijo Vudu (Nigeria) 12:30 PM
Madagascar Slim (Madagascar) 1:30 PM
Bamako Quintet (Mali) 2:45 PM
Lynda Thalie (Algeria) 4:00 PM
Emmanuel Jal (Sudan) 5:15 PM
Ruff N Smooth (Ghana) 7:00 PM

For the full program, click here

Emmanuel Jal

Videos courtesy of Emmanuel Jal

About Music Africa

Music Africa is a not-for-profit community-based organization that promotes African music in Toronto through its annual flagship music festival Afrofest. Established in 1990, Music Africa is among the oldest and most respected organizations promoting African music in Canada.

Through its activities and events, such as the annual Black History Month Concert Series, Music Africa is committed to enhancing appreciation and awareness of African music among Canadians and continues to strive to establish Toronto as a thriving global center for African music. In 2008, Music Africa received the Heritage Award from Planet Africa (an internationally broadcast television show and print magazine).

Afrofest 2015

Afrofest 2015 (Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine) Click to enlarge

Colourful African prints

Akin Busari (Nigeria)

A chance to sample Caribbean food & drinks too!

Highlights of Afrofest 2015

If you missed last year's event, make sure you listen to Akin Busari (Nigeria) who was, in our opinion, one of the most interesting artists performing at Afrofest 2015. You can find his music at www.akinmusic.com and www.soundcloud.com/akinmusicofficial.

Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Roxanne Wright and Eva Fydrych attending Afrofest 2015

See you in Woodbine Park!

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