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When Science & Fashion Collide

3D printed Smoke Dress by Anouk Wipprecht (Photo courtesy of i.materialise)

Science versus Fashion. Science; Fashion. Science or Fashion.

It hardly ever is Science and Fashion or Science with Fashion. Always separate entities, never a combined. Thinking of them in such a manner is not beneficial for you or for the world. In fact, the best inventions and styles derive when Science and Fashion collide.

Innovative technology into accessible design is what makes an excellent and tasteful collaboration between these two opposite aspect. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at some examples and you can see that the interaction between Science and Fashion is closer to you than you think.

1. The Runway

Science-inspired designs are gaining momentum on the runway. In London’s Fashion Week 2014, Lauren Bowler showcased her colour-changing creations. Swarovski Crystal also jumped the Science-for-Fashion bandwagon and created a headpiece that responses to changes in brain activity. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘thinking cap’.

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

2. Textiles

Textiles and technology have a symbiotic relationship. UC Berkeley invented a silicon-based material that changes colour with force applied. Some designers have also grown conscientious of global issues such as climate change. The result: functional and sustainable designs. Biodegradable material and quality that anticipates doomsday predictions are some of the new materials emerging.

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

3. Colours

Ever wondered why a politician wears blue during public meet-and-greets? Why you should never paint your bedroom the colour Orange? Colours have a correlation with your mood. This has led to a new form of therapy emerging, called ‘wearapy’. Playing around with colours and textures can affect how you feel. So think twice before you throw on that slouchy pair of jeans.

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

4. Machines for Fashion

3D printing has revolutionised many aspects of life, fashion included. You can now get dresses made entirely from 3D printing. Heck, you can get go from head to toe in anything made from 3D printing. Shoes, accessories, clothes and more!

3D printed wedding dresses by Exuberance, China (Photo courtesy of Mirror)

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

Have more ideas about the interaction between Science and Fashion? Share in the comments section!

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