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7 Travel Hacks for the Beauty Junkie

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Packing for a trip is arguably the worst part of it. Particularly for beauty junkies, it can be incredibly difficult to decide what to bring and what to leave behind. Everything seems to become a daily must-have. The thought of leaving behind your favourite lipstick(s), or your blusher breaking into a powdery mess in your beauty travel bag, sends you into a panic.

How do you decide which lipstick follows you on the trip and which one stays? What can you do to save as much space as possible in your luggage, and keep your clothes smelling fresh? So. Many. Questions.

With these nifty tips, you can keep your panic in check and streamline your packing process:

1. Seal Your Travel Containers

Product spillage not only creates a terrible mess, but also means wastage. Even worse is if the product stains our clothing. So save yourself the anguish and remember to stick some extra tape around your travel containers. Better safe than sorry, after all.

Photo courtesy of Irish Times

2. Reuse Empty Toiletry Bottles for Beauty Essentials

Can't find travel sized bottles at the last minute? Saving the mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and moisturiser most hotels provide will help prevent that problem on your next trip. These perfectly sized bottles are ideal for storing your favourite beauty products - toners, cleansers, hair oil. Just be sure to clean them out thoroughly to prevent contamination of product.

3. Separate Clothing with Dryer Sheets

Even freshly laundered clothing can smell funky after a long flight. To prevent your clothing from smelling stale, layer a few lightly scented dryer sheets between your clothes. Dryer sheets also prevent your clothing from sticking together due to static and keep roaches away, so that's always a bonus.

4. Place a Cotton Pad in Your Powder Compact

Rough handling of baggage at the airport can result in damage to more delicate makeup, such as your powder compact. To prevent it from breaking and creating a huge mess in your cosmetic bag, place a cotton pad in the compact to safeguard it from potential shattering. You'll be glad you made the extra effort when your blush or bronzer lives to see the day.

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

5. Use Contact Lens Cases for Liquids

Travel sized containers are great and all. But if you don't want to spend money on containers, reuse an old contact lens case for your hair gels, serums, and even hand sanitiser. Contact lens cases are the perfect miniature travel container as each is the ideal size for single-use applications. Colour-code your contact lens cases with nail polish to keep track of what's inside which case.

6. Explore Hairstyling Options

Hairstyling tools can take up precious space in your suitcase. So dispense with them and settle for handier alternatives like sea salt spray. Simply spritz some on damp hair before tying up your hair with a towel and sleeping on it. In the morning, unwrap to get sexily tousled beach waves! But if you simply must bring some sort of heat-styling tool, be sure to pack it in a heat-resistant case to protect the clothes in your suitcase.

7. Be Prepared

Always stash some emergency essentials in your travel kit. Your essentials may vary, but some basics include Band-Aids, bobby pins, tweezers, a nail file, and a stain remover pen. Get your makeup kit travel-ready, and you'll be able to face any beauty emergency head on!

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

Which hack sounds incredibly useful to you, and what are some beauty travel hacks of your own? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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