Tuesday, June 21, 2016


By Roman Winter

Is Sports Luxe Becoming A Smart Alternative? 

Photo courtesy of Vogue China

There is always an influx of trends that arrive in the fashion world, sometimes make it frustrating to keep up with them. Some trends do tend to stick around for longer and that is exactly what happened with the sports luxe trend. It combined sports and luxury together, to create something aesthetically pleasing in the fashion world. It married comfort, style and luxury all into one outfit choice, seeing designer labels all over the world take it under their wing. If you haven’t heard about sports luxe, you soon will see it everywhere you go. 

Photos courtesy of Sweaty Betty

The foundation of a sports luxe outfit are the joggers, or sweatpants that you choose. It can be difficult to believe that joggers, which were commonly associated with casual wear and youths of today, are a foundation to such a popular style. The important of the joggers isn’t that they are casual, but how they have been adapted. The lightweight materials, tighter fittings and technical fabrics have all been introduced and this has seen it move away from any previous associations. Sweatpants have always come hand in hand with mens tracksuits, however it’s time to move away from all of this. 

David Koma Spring/Summer 2015 (Photo courtesy of theglassmagazine.com)

Photo courtesy of cargocollective.com

Now that we have the foundation of such a trend, it needs to be added too. Sports luxe is entirely different concept compared to other trends, as it matches different styles and brings them together. There is a range of items to choose from as blazers, shirts, t-shirts and shoes can all be incorporated into it. With sports luxe there needs to be an establishment of core components, helping you establish a foundation for your sports luxe outfit. 

It is an adventurous, but once you find the right items you’ll feel comfortable and have a seamless outfit. Experimenting is hugely important when it comes to sports luxe, because each and every brand has a different interpretation of joggers, blazers, shirts and trainers. Try a sports luxe hoodie, as even hoodies have been adapted, so it’s all a matter of digging through and finding the right clothes for you.

Ports 1961 (Photo courtesy of GQ)

Photo courtesy of Marc Jacobs

It may come across as a ridiculous concept, but the further you look into the trend, the more you’ll come across different ways of interpreting it. Venture and explore, as it is something that will provide a stylish alternative to suits, and also help you look and feel the part. Sports luxe isn’t for everybody, but for the adventurous it’s there for the taking. 

Photos courtesy of jaymawson.co.uk (Click to enlarge)

Olivia Palermo (Photo courtesy of telegraph.co.uk)

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