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3 Common Habits
that contribute to Aging

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While I was still a teenager, my mother gave me all sorts of skincare advice like how I shouldn't be rubbing my eyes because it would give me wrinkles... Advice that, as a tomboy, I didn't heed.

As I grow up, mature and embrace my femininity, I'm starting to realise the value of my mother's words. At her age, my mother has skin that looks 10 years younger than her true age while tell-tale signs of my age are revealing themselves. So to aid all of you out there who might be facing the same problem, here are three common habits that you need to stop to save your skin from the effects of aging:

Common Habit No. 1: Improper Self-Grooming of Eyebrows

Let's face it, once you groom your brows and enjoy the neatness of it, you rarely go back to your youthful bushy eyebrows. But did you know that improper plucking of stray brows can lead to aging? As you pluck away the strands, if you do not hold down on the skin firmly, you are pulling at the delicate skin below your eyebrows. Over time, this leads to the sagging of your upper lids, which causes droopy eyelids.

Remedy: Hold your skin taunt as you pluck your stray hairs and do so in short, quick movements.

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Common Habit No. 2: Re-look the Way You Remove Eye Makeup

Yes, I am focusing a lot on the eye area because the truth is that the windows to our soul give away our age very easily. I learned this from my mother's best friend and (almost) lifelong beautician: the right way to remove your eye makeup, especially if you are rubbing around the area, is to go inward toward the nose bridge to minimize tugging.

Remedy: Always go from the outer to the inner corners of your eye and be very gentle with the way your remove your makeup around the eye area. If you can, skip eye makeup from time to time.

Common Habit No. 3: Skipping the Neck

Like the rings of a tree trunk, the neck is the next area that reveals our age. I never used to believe in this, until unmissable lines started appearing on my neck and reality hit me. So make sure you pay equal attention to your neck!

Remedy: Extend your facial skincare regime down to your décolleté, and by that I mean applying skincare products on your neck as well. Cleanse the whole area with facial cleanser and apply serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

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All that being said, the most important habit to cultivate is a positive self-image and to always smile, even if it gives you laugh lines and crow feet. A genuine smile will light up the room and warm the hearts of those on the receiving end and no one will bother about your wrinkles or fine lines!

Are you guilty of making these mistakes? What other bad habits do you know contribute to skin aging? Share your tips in the Comments section below!

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