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By Roman Winter

Five Accessories
You Need For Summer 16 – For Her

Summer accessories

As much as the summer is a time for you to refresh your wardrobe, you should also consider refreshing your accessory collection. It’s time to move away from the thick, bold statements jewellery and move closer to dainty, summer based accessories. Refreshing your jewellery collection can open up your outfits, adding a little glamour into your summer outfits. We have come up with a selection of accessory essentials to help you for summer 16! 

Jewellery Is First On The List 

Choosing jewellery in the summer can be a difficult affair, but with a little concentration you’ll find something that fits into all your outfit choices. Jewellery is truly something that suits the summer, which will include bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, so there is a wide variety of styles to choose from. Theo Fennell are known to embody the summer feeling into jewellery, so take a look at their beautiful range. Theo Fennell maybe a little more expensive, but it is worth every single penny. 

Theo Fennell’s Gold Disc Pendant Necklace

Sunglasses Are Definitely An Essential 

Similar to the jewellery, sunglasses should be an essential into your 2016 accessories. Not only can you look after your eyes, but you’ll look and feel gorgeous with the right pair of sunglasses. Try something different and move away from the likes of Raybans or Aviator and move closer to the likes of Stella McCartney! Stella McCartney have always produced spectacular sunglasses and with their distinct design you’ll fall in love within moments. 

Stella McCartney Cat-eye chain-embellished acetate mirrored sunglasses

"We want to make a statement with the glasses but at the same time be wearable and timeless," says Stella McCartney of her eyewear collection. Worn by Natalia Vodianova in the label's Spring '16 campaign, these antique-rose acetate sunglasses are crafted in a feminine cat-eye silhouette with a gold chain along the brow arch. The mirrored lenses offer full UV protection.

A Brand New Watch

There are some that believe watches are simply an accessory and there are others that would prefer to appreciate a timepiece. Whether you are looking for a luxury, fashionable timepiece you need something that expresses your personality and is a technical masterpiece. U-Boat watches are an example of both, however their ladies selection of watches may not be extensive enough. Take a look around and find something that symbolises the summer. 

A sleek and minimalist watch by Cluse

Heels, Why Not? 

No matter what time of the year it is, heels are perfect all year round. Heels can dictate what direction your outfit takes, especially if you’re looking for something professional and smart. It is better to look for heels that will seamlessly fit into all of your outfit choices rather than just the one, so dig a little deeper and look for a pair of heels that is truly you.

High heel sandals by Head Over Heels

Just One More Clutch

Similar to heels, there is never a bad time to invest into a new clutch. Whether you’d like satin, or something entirely different, a new clutch will bring a smile to every lady. Clutch bags can help you transform your whole outfit, making something with a classical edge, move towards formal, or cool. Whether you’re going for an eccentric printed clutch, or you’re going for some with a little more luxury, a clutch will always be a show-stopping, summer accessory.

Structured leather clutch in 'lipstick' fuchsia by YSL

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